For Taryn…Part 1

They had been undressing each other all night with their eyes; now, alone they tore at each others clothes. Her fingers shredded through is shirt buttons, she yanked at the sleeves and threw it across the room. He was more delicate, he unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it slowly from her shoulders revealing her lace body suit which clung and extenuated her curves. Her nipples pushed through the delicate fabric, he could see them proud and erect. He moved his hand to touch them but she pushed him away chastising him before he could caress her.

His trousers were no match for her skilled, nimble fingers as she unbuckled his belt and unclasped the buckle. They slid down over the bulge in his shorts to the floor. He had managed to unzip her skirt and it too fell around her ankles leaving the tops of her creamy thighs exposed above her stocking tops. He stood admiring her, how sexy she looked stood in front of him, clad in matching lingerie, his eyes trawled her body, marveling at the sight before him.

He lifted the straps from her shoulders and gently pulled her body suit lower, revealing her fine rounded breasts with hard reddened nipples. He so wanted to touch them, pinch them, take them in his mouth, bite them, caress them but remembered how she pushed him away previously. He peeled her clothing lower, watching intently as it slowly uncovered her smooth mound and slim hips.

He rose to his feet from his crouched position and stared straight into her eyes, she stared back into him, examining his soul through his piercing blue blue eyes. Her hands rose to his chest, her palms flat against his sparse thatch of chest hair; her eyes bore into him as she pushed him firmly back on to the bed. He landed hard, the firm mattress bearing the full force of his weight as he landed.

She stood at the end of the bed, her eyes still fixed on his, she paused for what seemed an eternity to him. She reached forward and tugged at his shorts, his cock springing free at its release. Her eyes shifted to his massive erection, she could clearly see he was harder than ever, his veins bulged and throbbed before her eyes, his cock however wasn’t what she wanted…yet.

Raising one knee, then the other on to the bed, she straddled his legs and began to move slowly up his body. Her back arched pushing her breasts towards his vertical cock, he could feel her soft skin brush against the sensitive head of his cock. He willed her to lower further and wrap his cock between her breasts, she paid him no heed rising higher until he could feel the warmth of her pussy tantalise his cock as she slid herself over him.

His cock throbbed at the touch of her sex teasing him, he longed for her to rise up and impale herself on him, again she paid his thoughts no heed and continued to rise up his body. Her legs now pinned over his arms, her pussy now in his view, her movements, so slow and deliberate.

Her hands rose in front of her, placing her palms against the wall behind the bed head, her back now at a right angle to his body. She shuffled higher using her hands to balance her as she straddled his face, her ankles now pinning him over the shoulders, thighs either side of his head, her pussy just out of reach of his tongue. He lapped at her without success, he longed to taste her again, have his tongue part those delectable lips of hers, savour her, pleasure her.

“Your going to make me cum” She spoke softly.

“I’m going to ride your face until you make me cum, then you’re going to make me cum again and again until you have satisfied me.” Her voice was stern and dominant as she lowered her sex onto her lovers face.

His mouth accepted her pussy with ravenous glee, his tongue flashed across her lips as he tried to find a rhythm to match hers as her hips began to roll and thrust as her pussy rode over his eager mouth. She jolted as his tongue located her clit, his attention then focused solely on her swollen bud.

“Fucking make me cum now!” She ordered.

Pushing down harder against him she increased the pressure on his face as her first orgasm neared, her hands pushed hard against the bedroom wall, her thighs clamped tighter to his head, her knuckles white with the pressure in which she pressed down on his face. Her body began to roar in delight as his tongue ripped across her clit.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m going to cum all over your fucking face.” Her voice was dominant, softening in to gasps as her orgasm ripped through her now taught body. Her face was flush and red, she glowed in soft perspiration as her juices seeped to cover her lovers face. Her hands dropped from the wall to the top of her thighs as she she relaxed as her climax subsided. His tongue slowed in its clitoral punishment to mirror her reaction.

“Don’t stop, I haven’t told you to stop.”

Her hips thrust downward again with increased pressure, as the mixture of her juices mingled with his saliva lubricating her smooth mound and thighs to glide over his face.

” I want you to make me cum again. Fucking make me cum again.”

She thrust down again, hard at his mouth, his tongue desperately trying to stay in contact with her clit as she rode his face, her juices covering more and more of his face and neck. Her hands again pressed hard against the wall, the full force of her energies pushing hard downward through her pulsing, swollen, pussy on to his face urging yet another orgasm forward.

“Fuck, fuck, yes, make me cum again, eat that fucking pussy.” She growled instructively at him.

“I’m coming, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum all over your face again.” Her hips blurred in the speed of their movements over his mouth. He sucked, licked, lapped trying to increase the power of her impending pleasure.

“Fuuuckkkk.” She gasped as her second climax shuddered through her body, her legs clamped tight to his head, her hands clawed at the wall as her body shook and convulsed; her juices freely seeping over his face; his mouth and tongue lapping and drinking them up as she released all over him for a second time.

Her body shook and spasmed as began to relax, her hands moved to her side then behind her as she began to shift her weight backwards and lean backwards fully exposing her exploded pussy to her lovers view. His face was wet, sticky with their juices as his face came back into her view.

“Clean me, lick me clean” She softly whispered catching her post orgasm breath.

Her lover dutifully obliged to her request, tenderly licking the juices from her mound and thighs with his skillful tongue. His neck and jaw muscles ached as he fulfilled his duty and cleaned her thoroughly. She moaned with content as he completed her task skillfully and she began to straighten and lower her body until their faces again met. They kissed, she could taste herself on his lips and face, her tongue slipped into his mouth, the tip of hers meeting his in thanks for its efforts on her clit.

He could feel the heat of her loins on his chest as she slid lower and lower. His cock dripped with pre-cum and throbbed uncontrollably as her familiar heat hovered close to the swollen head of his cock. She gazed in to his eyes.

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