The Writers Toy…Part 6

The week felt like months since they last met. As his chauffeur pulled up to his house in the overly extravagant limousine, his heart pounded. He hated public speaking and being the centre of attention; he loathed the sycophants who molested him at these events but at the same time he welcomed their custom and of course their money.

He had arranged to pick up Heather from her house and had invited a friend to keep her company whilst he was conducting the handshakes, delivering his speech and inevitably being dragged from pillar to post by his fat publisher. The car pulled up outside Heather’s  house, his heart pounded to see what she would be wearing. He had told her to wear something playful to suit the occasion, the chauffeur knocked on her door and out she stepped.

He almost came in his pants when his eyes met with hers, he had never seen her fully made up and oh the outfit. Draped on her shoulders was a long dark overcoat that covered down below her knees. He could see as she walked, fine laced fishnet stockings that disappeared up to the top of her fine legs to her crotch, covered in a dark grey, skin tight basque. He had to check he wasn’t drooling, or if that he had cum in his pants; he was so hard for her right now that he could feel his face blushing. God how he ached for her.

Closely following behind her was her friend, shorter in height and slimmer, a demure figure dressed in exactly the same outfit. His mouth dried as they both strode down the path, black high heels clicking on the concrete driveway as they approached the car. The door opened and in stepped Heather, long stocking clad legs revealed, as the coat parted with her movements.

The opposite door opened and in stepped her friend, he didn’t  know which way to look as the two girls took their seats either side of him.

“Hi Mr Writer” spoke Heather playfully.

“Hi, err, wow, erm” He really had no words, he needed to compose himself quickly, get himself together.

“Mr Writer, this is Beth, hope you don’t but you did say I could bring a friend, aaaaand you did say to dress playfully, so what do you think? Playful enough for you? As they both opened their coats to flash their outfits at him.

His head was still spinning and now the scent of their perfume intoxicated him as he inhaled it deeply in an attempt to compose himself.

“Hi Beth, lovely to meet you” Before he could offer anymore pleasantries she leaned across and kissed him on the lips.

“Hi Mr Writer, nice to meet you too, Heather has told me so much about you”. And with that she gave him a cheeky smile. Heather paid no heed to her friend kissing him, she gazed at them both with a look of mischievous intent.

They made small talk and each poured a drink from the mini bar; the drinks relaxed him and the conversation became flirtatious; both girls, despite the space were sat close by his side coats wide apart, stockinged legs leading to black heeled shoes mesmerising him. He was hard, his cocked throbbed in his dinner suit pants, he blushed as he knew the thin material would not be hiding his rampant arousal.

Heather’s hand reached for his thigh, her eyes burnt directly in to his, she hypnotised him with her beauty, her eyes were full of seduction. He became suddenly aware of a hand on his other leg. It was Beth, he turned in slight surprise as her hand slid to and fro on his inner thigh. His cock was so hard, he could never remember having an erection so strong, to the point he was almost in pain. Beth had a naughty look on her face too, her mouth slightly open,  her tongue running seductively along her top lip.

“Show her Mr Writer” Heather’s voice was soft yet instructive.

“Show her what?” He replied, half unsure but half hoping he knew what she meant.

“Your cock Mr Writer! Show her your cock, I’ve told her how good it is, she wants to see it”

His loins were now in pain, he was anxious, but so, so aroused for these two girls. He started to fumble at his belt.

“Here Mr Writer, let us help”

Both girls began to unfasten his belt then his button then his zip, as their hands worked nimbly to expose him he could feel both of them looking him in the eye, he didn’t know which way to look. Despite his arousal he felt he would be unfaithful to Heather, but his thoughts clashed with each other as she was clearly the instigator. His cock now free of his trousers stood proud in his shorts, a wet spot where his pre-cum had clearly leaked from his excitement.

Both girls acted in synchronisation as they slipped from their seats and began to pull at his trousers. He lifted his backside off the seat to allow them easier removal as his cock sprang free of its captivity.

“Oh my Mr Writer, have we got you all excited?” Teased Heather.

He tried to mouth a response, but no words left his mouth and found himself simply nodding at the girls who alternated their gaze between his eyes and his swollen cock. He fully expected Heather to at least touch him, tease him or lick him. She did neither, she raised herself back to the seat with her back to the door. Her right leg in the foot well and raised her left leg onto the seat; her legs spread wide to him.

Beth remained in the foot well, her hands on the inside of his inner thighs, creeping higher, her nails tantalising his skin as she slowly stroked higher and higher until the back of her hands brushed his balls. It took him all of his composure not to shoot his load there and then. His eyes looking away to look for distraction, only to see Heather rubbing her basque covered crotch.

Beth’s hands continued to rise, lifting his balls with the back of her hand, feeling the weight of his cum filled testicles at which she stared. He didn’t know where to look, he was concentrating on keeping his cum within his balls as these two beauties worked their magic on him. His only distraction was the thought of “Thank fuck for that privacy screen behind the driver!”

The touch of Beth’s nails on his shaft shook him back to reality once more as she teased him lightly from the base of his cock to the very pre-cum soaked tip. His abdomen was taught, his whole body in a state of delirium until she suddenly stopped. Beth looked at Heather, her eyes transfixed on Beth and the Writers cock, her hand rubbing herself methodically between her open thighs. Heather caught Beth’s gaze and she winked, Heather responded with a look of approval.

He watched and waited for their next moves, he didn’t need to wait long. Beth lifted herself to her knees between his legs, her face positioned centimetres away from his cock. He looked at Heather, she paid no heed as her friend began to lick the head of his cock before taking it between her lips and sucking down hard on the head.

The Writers hands gripped hard into the leather seats as her mouth slowly devoured his shaft; he could feel the warmth and the velvet feel against his glands as she took his whole length, then slowly withdrew it. Heather had somehow managed to get her left hand into her basque and was feverishly rubbing at her pussy, still staring at her friend eagerly fellating her dates cock.

Heather knew neither her nor the writer would last long before they orgasmed, she was close to cumming and writhed under the power of her own hand, the back of her head pressed against the blackened window. Beth’s head rhythmic in motion as she continued her oral destruction of the writers cock. Heather moaned loudly, the writer bucked his hips as Heathers orgasm raged through her, gasping for air as her clit exploded under her touch. As her orgasm prolonged she reached her right hand out to the back of her friends head and pushed it firmly downward to meet the writers groin.

It was all too much for him, as Heather’s orgasm subsided the sensation of Beth’s mouth was all too much and he unloaded hot streams of his cum in to her mouth. His, like Heather’s orgasm lasted for what felt an eternity as his cock continued to pump its white load into Beth’s mouth. He could hear her swallow and gulp as his liquid continued to reward her for her oral skills.

“Don’t spill any”. came Heather’s voice to her friend.

Beth tried to mumble a response but naturally found it difficult with a mouth full of cum and twitching cock. His orgasm abated and his body relaxed as Beth used her tongue and mouth to clean off his deflating cock, not missing a single drop of his cum. Heather leaned across and kissed him deep and hard on his mouth, whilst her friend raised her head to look at them both, traces of saliva and sperm around her lips where her lipstick had previously been.

“Kiss me, let me taste him” Heather asked of Beth,

The latter girl raising herself to meet Heather’s demands. Heather savouring the juices around her friends mouth with her lips and her tongue. He watched intently, the sight of these two beauties with mouths and tongues entwined was stirring his cock once more. They broke apart and Heather gave her another reassuring look. Beth swiveled on her knees and planted a firm kiss on his lips, he responded, tongues flipcking the tip of each others until they were interrupted by the voice of the driver over the intercom.

“Five minutes sir and we will arrive”

They broke their kiss and flopped back in to the seats hastily rearranging clothing in an almost panic. The girls reapplied each others make up and adjusted their hair, he fastened his trousers ready for their arrival.

The car pulled up outside the venue, a large club facility which was mainly known for its sex activity and wild nights of debauchery. He checked his pockets for his notes and ensured he was presentable as Heather wiped the girls lipstick from his mouth. The car stopped, there was a milling of around 50 people waiting for him to get out of the car.

“I’ll try to spend as much time as I can with you, but obviously I need to do my work bit and push the new book”

“We understand Mr Writer, you go do your thing, we’ll just hang and cheer you on” With that both girls kissed each cheek as the Chauffeur opened the door to a sound of rapturous applause from the small crowd.


Please enjoy, hope you are ready to party in part 7




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  1. Now that a fun ride to the party. 😉 Now that needs to happen. Yum. I love the lead up to the party.


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