Lie back…

For Maki

Take your time, read it slow…

Lie back in your t-shirt and black panties, listen to your breathing, listen to your body, what does it want? How does it feel?

Allow your hands to travel over your skin, your stomach, your soft thighs, run their feather light touch along the hem of your panties…you can’t touch your pussy until I allow you. Listen to your breathing as your hands travel over your skin…How do you feel? What does your body want?

Travel low with your fingers, over your hips, over your panties, along the outside of your thighs, slowly, lightly, barely touching. Let them rise and roll across your thighs, along the line of your panties, move explore your inner thighs, tenderly, caress them…no pussy!

Listen again to your breathing, How do you feel? What does your body crave? Where are your hands? What are they doing? Trace them across your panties, back to your stomach, explore it, does it tickle? Do you imagine someone else’s touch? Run your fingers across the top of your panties, but you must not go any further!

How do you feel? Listen to your breathing.

Bring your hands towards your breasts, let the back of your hands feel the weight of them as your breathing rises and falls. Trace the base of them with your fingers. Find that spot that makes you want to go further, let your hands roam free between your breasts and your panties. How do you feel?

Have your nipples reacted, do they yearn to be touched, to be caressed? Raise your hands slowly towards them but don’t touch them, explore your breasts with your finger tips, lightly, so lightly…do not touch your nipples until I allow you.

Are they hard, have they reacted to your own desires? Do you want to touch them? Not yet..use your fingers to circle them, lightly, oh so lightly. Tease them to become harder than you ever thought possible, listen to them begging to be touched by your circling fingers. Not yet, don’t touch them yet. Listen to your breathing, how is it? Deep? Heavy? How do you feel?

You may touch your nipples, but only on the very tips, circle them lightly, the faintest of touches, how do they feel? What do they want you to do to them? Do you want to pinch them? Yes?

You may pinch them, take them firmly between your thumb and forefinger and squeeze, keep squeezing until your back arches until the pain is over come by pleasure, squeeze them harder than you have ever squeezed them before, imagine a lovers teeth nipping at them hard and then hold…hold…tighter…firmer….take yourself to the most extreme point you have ever been.

And stop…

Relax, listen to your breathing, listen to your nipples, do they sting with delight? You should thank them with your finger tips, slowly circling them, easing their pleasurable stinging sensation with a gentle touch as you relax further and sink in to your soft bed. Trace your hands to your stomach, is it taught with desire, do you ache and burn with a desire to go lower? To satisfy yourself?

Not until I say…no touching your pussy until I allow you.

Feel lower to your thighs, move your fingers close to your panties, graze your nails along the the inside of your thighs, feel the warmth from between your legs, move higher over your panties…and stop! I will allow you to slide your hand in, can you feel the warmth as you lift the hem? Can you hear your pussy asking you to touch it?

Slide lower, let your hands roam free towards your aching clitoris begging you to touch it? Can you? Does it throb with the desire to be rubbed, swirled within your finger tips? To bring you closer to orgasm?

I will allow you to touch it, do as you please, feel your swollen button throb under your touch…rub it, circle it, let it tell you what it wants, what does it want…more pressure, rub harder, or slide lower to slide a finger into your sopping wet hole…STOP!

Pinch it, take it between your thumb and forefinger and pinch it as you did your nipples, hard, push your pain/pleasure threshold to its limit, deny yourself the pleasure of cumming just yet. How is your breathing? How do you feel? Do you need to release and sooth your desire to cum?

You can cum when I allow it, not long now until you can relieve your stress and pent up lust, not long until your pussy spasms and contracts in to a mind blowing release. You can now stop pinching your clit and relax, listen to your pussy. Does it need to cum for you? I think you should make it cum for me.

Your hands are free to do whatever they like, feel your wetness, slide a finger or two inside your silky pussy, your fingers are in your control, let them roam, but I would like you to cum for me and yourself as a reward I shall count you down?

Cum for me in,











Have you cum, have you let it out?

Good girl, now relax, let your body and mind relax.

I hope any ladies that read this have enjoyed it and it helped to get you off or someway there.

Your comments and feedback would be most welcome


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  1. Absolutely loved this post. This one made me feel like I was thoroughly being dominated and I couldn’t wait to finally release.


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