Illicit Rendezvous…(part 3)

She didn’t even pay attention to who was coming in the door, she just kept riding his delicious rock hard cock. He became both worried and curious as to who she had called on her phone and who was now entering their room. He couldn’t see behind her, as her ample body was blocking the way but he could hear foot steps coming closer.

All of a sudden he heard a males voice ‘What are you doing with my wife?’ She looked over her shoulder and said ‘Its about time you got here, I want to show you how a real man fucks me!’ Both men were speechless by her response and attitude to the situation. She climbed off his hard cock, wet with her juices and walked over to her husband, legs wobbly from the pleasure her lover had given her.

She took her husband by the hand at lead him to a chair near the bed. She pushed him forcefully backwards onto the chair. Ripping his tie from his neck, she tied one of his hands to the arm of the chair. She calmly walked back over to the bed and picked up he lovers tie which had previously been used to blindfold her.

She tied his other hand to the chair and then straddled her husband. She began passionately kissing him and through his trousers she could feel his cock hardening underneath her wet crotch as he started to become more aroused. Her lover, still looking on in amazement and shock, rolled off the bed and walked over to her, his cock hard and ready for more.

Grabbing her arm he pulled her off her husbands aroused lap and marched her back to the bed, throwing her face down to face her husband. She stared in to her husbands eyes as her lover moved behind her and grabbed a firm hold of her hips before thrusting his weapon mercilessly back deep inside her wet pussy. All her husband could do was watch as her lover smashed into her pussy.

He had never heard his wife moan as loud as she was right now. She looked straight into her husband eyes. “Are you enjoying the show?”.. He didn’t really know how to respond but she could see the bulge in his trousers growing bigger. Her stare remained fixed into her husbands eyes and asked him “You had better be watching him fuck me, you need to learn a few things, learn how to fuck me how I want and deserve to be fucked.

Her lover still breathlessly plunging his cock into her dripping pussy reached forward and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back so she now looked at him as as he asked “Do you want to give him a really good show?” She was being fucked so hard she could not get her words out but simply nodded her head. “Get up now and go over to your husband” he demanded of her as his cock slid from inside her.

She stood in front of her husband, eyes fixed on his trouser bulge, waiting for her lovers next instructions. Without saying a word he simply pushed her forward so she bent over her husband. Her ample breasts just inches from his face. Her lover positioned himself behind her and used his feet to spread her legs before entering her again.

She let out a long moan directly into her husbands ear, her breasts smacking her husband’s face with every thrust her lover made inside her, his thighs slapping her ass as he continued to pleasure her, hands gripping hard at her hips. The combination of her lovers cockmanship and the humiliation of her husband brought her to a shattering orgasm as she repeated, “He’s making me cum, he’s making me cum, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” close to her husbands ear. “Fuuuuckkkkkk, fuuck fuccckkkk, that was a proper orgasm, from a real man.” She continued.

Her husband bound by his restraints was red faced and aching with desire, his cock bursting in his pants, as her lover rhythmically glided in and out of his wife. “Take his cock out” Demanded her lover, “Take it out and suck it”. Her hands fumbled at her husbands belt and zipper as she released his cock from its restriction. She had never seen him so big and hard and slowly lowered her mouth to lick at his ooze of precum dripping from its head.

Her lover re-entered her with force pushing her head forward taking more cock into her mouth, his hand reaching forward and pushing her head further down on to her spouse’s erection, filling her throat; both men now balls deep at either end of her. “Make him cum in your mouth”. Demanded her lover, “Make him cum, I think he deserves it, make him cum and you can then have mine”.

Her husband was not going to take long to respond to her lovers request, her head bobbed as her mouth gobbled in time with her lovers rear thrusts, her restrained husband drew back his head as the situation all became overwhelming as he blew his load in to his wife’s throat. She choked but took all his seed as she had done many times before, but never like this.

“Are you ready for mine?” asked her lover, she gasped for breath and nodded with a smile. “On your knees, so your husband can watch” She duly obliged and knelt with her face level with her lovers dripping dick in direct sight of her husband. Her lover took his cock in hand and began to slide it full length over himself. “Beg for it, beg for my cum, show your husband how much you want it” “Yes, give me your cum, give it me”. He stroked harder, the tip of his cock inches from her face when he suddenly exploded sending a string of cum over her face, then another. He pushed forward on his dick, aiming lower and completed two further jets on to her breasts landing with an audible splat until he was spent.

“Clean me up, clean my cock”. He was firm with his request as she leaned forward to complete her task. Her tongue and lips eager to please her lover, her face and breast streaked with his semen, her husband still tied with empty balls, his cum not long delivered down his wife’s throat.

Her lover stood back, dazed, but pleased with his experience. “Give me a minute to get dressed and I’ll leave you two alone” He quickly threw on his clothes, leaving her with a kiss before closing the door behind him.

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