Anal Lock-down…part 1

“Four fucking days, stuck in here with you lot.” Her voice was firm and directed at the three men she had endured the last 96 hours with. A solitary guard stood watch at the facility gates, housed in a small booth with no contact with anyone within that time.

“You could at least clean up after yourselves, you know, wash the dishes, put the empty packets in the bin, it’s not difficult is it?” The men looked at her in bemusement. “Who’s got up your arse?” replied one, “You lot, fucking clean up, its bad enough being stuck in here with you, let alone cleaning up after you.”

“Ok, ok,” replied the men simultaneously. “You coming to play cards?”

“You mean am I coming to take your money again?”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, park your butt and we will deal you in.”

She sat on the sofa and watched as the cards were spun across the table in her direction. She looked at her hand and knew that she had already been cheated but said nothing and duly lost each hand in each game.

“Why don’t we make this interesting, loser gets a forfeit?” She asked, knowing full well it would be her, but she was up for a laugh, game for anything and very, very horny. The men all nodded and agreed and dealt the first hand of the new rules. This time she had a better hand, she knew without looking what cards she had as she was the dealer. She had adept card skills and could play with the best of them.

She won the first hand and it was her turn to select the forfeit of the men. “Show me your phones” The internet was no longer connected, but she knew they would have photos or texts saved to their phones. The men duly protested, “Boys, you agreed to the rules, now fucking pay up”

One by one they handed her their phones, she scrolled through the photo’s, usual stuff, selfies, friends, girlfriends and dick pics. She reached these and looked each man in the eye as they realised what she had found. “Ok give them back” They demanded, she smiled and handed back the phones, “Hmm ok big boys, don’t twist your panties.” the images of the men’s cocks were etched in her mind, one very big, one very thick and one was both. She felt her nipples harden and struggled to get the images out of her head as her next hand was dealt to her, again it was another shit one. She knew what was coming.

She lost the hand, “Ok hand your phone over” She had no objection worthy of response and handed hers over. the men eagerly scrolled through her photos and texts. She always kept a clean phone or anything that was a bit risque was in locked file, what she did though forget was her browsing history, “Fuck” she thought. Her fears became reality when one of the men blurted, “Well you like your porn, don’t, you ?” She blushed. “,, well you are a dark horse”

The men grouped and giggled like schoolgirls. ” Oh fuck off, don’t tell me you lot don’t jerk off, in fact I’ve heard you all each night in your rooms stroking yourselves and the amount of toilet paper we use is ridiculous, can’t you use a cum sock or something?” The men blushed as she chastised them, she was thought right and they had all been jerking off at regular intervals in the last four days.

The card game restarted and so did the images of the men’s cocks in her mind. The men won the next few hands and it was usual boys stuff, truth or dare, best place ever jerked off in etc. She began to become bored but the cocks remained in her mind, her nipples were hard and her panties were getting wetter; she began to formulate a plan should she win the next hand.

More boyish boredom continued until it was her turn to deal, she knew she would win this one, her slight of hand gave her an easy advantage over the men who were discussing how many times the guard at the front gates may have jerked off in the last four days. She actually wondered how had managed to spend his time all alone for so long.

She won the hand easily, the boys suspected something untoward but none dared to raise a complaint.

“Ok then, whats the forfeit?” they asked. She smiled, it was now time to hatch her plan. “Stand up” she demanded, the men duly did, they had no idea what she was planning. “Drop em”.

“You what?”

“Drop your pants, a forfeit is a forfeit” The men at first refused but collectively agreed and one by one they stripped their trousers off. “Ah ah ah” she wagged her finger at them. “Boxers too”. The men looked at each other but they had all seen cock before, getting it out in front of someone they’d only known for a few days was a bit daunting though.

Slowly each man lowered their underwear, her eyes flashed between each one, quickly scanning and savouring the three dangling cocks in front of her. The men looked embarrassed and not really sure what to do with themselves. “Nice cocks boys, keep them out for me” The men returned to their seats naked from the waist down. She wasn’t naturally dominant but her wet panties were a give away sign that she was extremely horny, wet and in need of some cock.

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