Illicit Rendezvous Part 2

Thank you to Lucky Close , for submitting the second part of this story. I can only apologise for the lack of stories recently, new job and not feeling my usual self. Please enjoy part 2.

She looked him in the eyes whilst she ran one of her fingers across her cum covered breasts. She put her finger to her mouth and slowly licked the cum off her finger as she watched mesmerised as she tasted his salty semen as she ran her tongue along her finger then sucked it making sure she took every last bit of his cum in to her mouth.

She walked around him and provocatively lay on the bed. He turned towards her to see her exploded now soaking wet pussy. He could feel the warmth from it as he drew his mouth closer to her.

He crawled on top of her and she whispered in his ear I want you to make me scream like my husband can’t. He grabbed his tie from his neck and tied it to cover her eyes. This enhanced every one of her senses; every small touch or breath she felt on her body was amplified making her moan before he even started to pleasure her.

He ran his finger up the inside of her leg slowly, her back arched as even this small movement caused her such pleasure. He suddenly stopped touching her completely and sat there just watching her.

She began begging him “Please I can’t wait any longer, I need to feel you tongue on my pussy”.

He waited just a few more seconds, weighing up his next move before slowly lowering his head, his tongue licking at her clit as he reached his target. She let out a loud moan as it felt so much better than she could of ever thought. He licked at his lips as he enjoyed the sweet taste of her sopping slit. Her reaction aroused him further savouring how good she tasted that he buried his face hard into her pussy making sure he gave every inch of her delectable pussy adequate attention.

Her moans grew louder making him lick faster and harder, she grabbed hard at his head and holds it firm in her pussy, her legs clamping him tight. Her back arched again as he slowly slid two fingers into her increasing her pleasure to new heights.

“Oh my God. Yes! Finger my pussy hard while you lick my pussy, fucking do it”. She cried out in pleasure.

She demands him to come up and kiss her so as she can taste her juices on his lips. He does as he is told.

‘Mmm, yesss, that tastes sooo good! Now get back down there and make me cum; eat me until I squirt’. She demanded.

He returned to his task determined to make her climax all over his tongue, mouth and face. His cock now throbbing painfully in anticipation of sliding inside her; ready to finally get to fuck her!

Her moaning grew louder and louder and he sensed he was soon going to make her cum. He thrust his fingers deep inside her, fucking her pussy harder with his fingers as his tongue electrified her swollen pussy. She only lasted a few seconds before she let out the loudest moan and screamed,

“I’m going to cum, make me fucking cum”. Her body buckled and contorted, it felt so good as she kept her hands taught on the back of his head until she released a stream of fluid spraying his face, filling his mouth as her flow gushed relentlessly over him.

She lay flat on the bed gasping for breath with the force of her climax, she releases his head and allows him to wipe the cum off his glistening squirt covered face.

He looks at her as she lies there; she has never looked so attractive as she does now as she glows in a post orgasmic hue.

“Are you ready for my cock now?” She looks at him and replies “Give me a minute I’ve just got to make a call”.

She takes herself off into the bathroom; he can hear her but cannot make out the conversation. Her strokes slowly at his engorged cock keeping it in prime condition for when she returns

She comes back in and jumps back onto the bed allowing the bounce of her landing to expertly land on top of him. She kisses him deeply as she slowly lowers herself on to his raging cock.

‘You’re so much bigger than my husband’. He loved watching her as she started to ride his rampant cock, her ample breasts mesmeric as they heaved heavily with her downward thrusting, her pussy gripping hard on his member.

His gaze switched to her facial expression, it was the little things she did, like biting her lip and her head rolling back in pleasure. Her ample breasts continued to bounce with every movement she made. Suddenly there came a knock on the door.

“It’s open”. She shouts she rode harder on his cock.

The door slowly opened and in walks in …

Thank you for sending me part two of this story. I enjoyed it very much and is close to what I had in mind when I wrote part one.

If any other readers would like to add to a story or send me a new one please email me at


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