Illicit Rendezvous; Part One

For Sarah

“But I’m married”

“Yeah you’ve told me often enough.” He replied.

“I want to, like really, really want to, but, I’d feel bad if we did.”

“Well, listen its fine, we can just have a drink, I’ll sleep on the floor or whatever and then we can just go home in the morning. We’re here now aren’t we?”

“Yes ok, I’ll have a large White Wine then and you’re paying.” She smiled back at him, her body and mind torn between arousal and betrayal.

One drink lead to another, the hotel was plush and comfortable with a relaxed ambience that made getting to know each other easier: the alcohol eased the nerves and fuelled their flirtatiousness. She was attracted to him, his looks, wit, charisma and cheeky smile. He found her fascinating, for someone who could quickly fathom people, especially women; he couldn’t quite build the whole picture of her. What were her motives? Where would it lead?

Another drink followed another drink and another drink; their verbal flirting progressed to a more physical plane, from sitting opposite to sitting next to each other, hands brushing thighs, their eyes fixing a gaze longer each time as they looked in to each other. Time though was creeping on and the hotel bar now contained the remnants of a busy night. Two gentlemen toasted each other with their last Scotch of the evening and a lone business man forlornly leant against the bar wishing he was anywhere but in a hotel for the night.

“It’s getting late.” Trying to hide the yawn in her voice.

“Boring you am I?” He retorted with a smile.

“No; but it is getting late; shall we go to the room?”

“Yes if you like”. He smiled back at her again.

“Don’t get any ideas, you’re on the floor remember.” Trying to keep to a serious tone.They walked through the maze of corridors jostling until they reached the door to the room. The key clicked as it turned in the latch and they burst into the room; shoulders together squeezing through the door giddy from the alcohol and their time enjoyed in the bar.

They collided with each other as they stumbled forward, the momentum sent them tumbling towards the bed where they both landed with a bounce in a wave of laughter; legs and arms entwining as the bed caught their fall. Their laughter paused as they caught each other’s eye; their stares fixed hard, the heady, alcohol fuelled haze drawing their lips to meet in a tender first kiss. The kiss lasted mere seconds before her hands pushed him away, rolling him on to his back.

“Sorry, I’m married. I can’t.”

“Yeah I know, it’s fine, it was nice though.”

“Yes it was” She blushed with a mixture of alcohol, arousal and trepidation, she liked it, she wanted it. Her next actions surprised even herself, grabbing his collar she rolled on top of him and kissed him hard and full on the lips. Her lips pressing hard  to his mouth as her hand tightly gripped the neck of his shirt.

He responded kissing her back, his head rose from the bed pushing back at her ravenous lips, their kiss becoming harder and harder, the breath heavy in their lungs as their passions heightened.

His hands wrapped around her waist pulling her tightly to him whilst her hands gripped his hair to control the movements of his head; pulling it from one side to another as she broke the kiss from his lips and locked her mouth to his neck. He had no way to respond, she held him down firmly with her body as her lips devoured his neck, moving his head from side to side as she alternated her kissing of his neck.

She had hit one his spots, his cock throbbed painfully trapped between their two bodies, aching to be released, her breasts filled her bra, nipples hard and swollen, her clitoris aching, her pussy already sodden in lust. She released her feverish grip and sat back on her heels staring at him as he stared back, neither spoke, their eyes transfixed with each other.

She waited, then pounced again, grabbing his shirt front, pulling at the buttons to reveal his chest; she was in a hurry to strip him and subsequently ripped half the buttons from the shirt. He lay bare chested as her mouth homed in on one of his nipples, biting it hard between her teeth, her tongue tickling the trapped end in her mouth. His back arched as her hand travelled down over the bulge in his trousers, her leg wrapped over his, her knee wedged under his crotch as she switched nipples, biting teasing, her hand now fumbling at his belt .

The belt refused to cooperate. “Fuck” She complained.

He sensed her frustration and reached to help her unfasten his trousers.

She leant away from him, staring at him as he struggled with the troublesome clasp.

“Wait.” He said, rolling from the bed to his feet to tackle the belt issue.

It finally relented and he unbuckled and unbuttoned his trousers, she leant forward and grabbed the waist of his trousers pulling him toward her. His cock pushed through the gap in his open trousers straining through his shorts, her eyes fixed on the bulge as she got to her feet and kissed him hard again.

Placing her hands on his hips she pushed his trousers down from his waist, his cock springing free, rampantly hard, swollen, glistening. Her hand swiftly moving to grab it: squeezing hard around his thick shaft as her head moved to again kiss his neck; her hand building a rhythm, stroking his full length.

He moaned at her treatment of his cock, she kissed him hard again and span him around to stand with his back to the bed.

Breaking away from his cock and his neck she placed both her palms on his chest and pushed him playfully backwards onto the bed so his buttocks landed neatly on the edge of the mattress. She stared down at his huge hard cock as it twitched as the blood coursed through its veins.

Her hands nimbly unbuttoned her own blouse exposing her ample cleavage, encased within their lacy brazier lair; his eyes fixed on to her breasts as they heaved with her every breath, her nipples straining, pushing at the soft material. She reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, slowly, teasingly revealing her full rounded breasts, swollen and heavy with her own arousal; his eyes remaining transfixed as she continued to strip in front of him.

She bent at the waist, placing her hands on his knees as she transferred her weight forward to lower herself to kneel in front of him on the floor pushing his legs apart. Her face now level with his glorious cock as she began to run her nails up and down his inner thighs, repeating her tactile actions up from his knees until the backs of her hands gently lifted his balls, pushing higher each time until she grabbed the base of his cock tight and drew her hand up its length to the tip of its head and back down again.

Her grip was tight, his cock rigid,  wrapped within her hand as she slowly lowered her head forwards, her tongue tantalising the tip as their two extremities touched, gently sliding it slowly in to her eager mouth, savouring each glorious inch as it filled her mouth and pushed into her throat. She held him tight as she reached as far as she could take him, allowing her throat to stretch each time taking him deeper leaving him covered in saliva.  She took him over and over again, slowly, deeper, sucking him in harder. Her rhythm increasing to a crescendo, one hand now grabbing at the base of his shaft, the other juggling his testicles to and fro across her fingers

The pleasure inside him grew and grew as his hands grabbed at her hair allowing them to ride with her vigorous head bobbing. He knew he wouldn’t be able to last long with her expertly devouring his cock. She could feel him tense as he prepared to unload his balls into her mouth.

She removed his cock from her mouth and shuffled on her knees closer to the edge of the bed, her breasts enveloped his cock as she closed them around him edging him towards orgasm combining her hand and breasts.

The feel of her soft breasts added a new sensation to his sensitive cock, she pulled him with several firm strokes to be rewarded with four heavy strings of hot white cum that splattered over her neck and breasts.

She loved when he moaned loudly when he had emptied his loins on her, it aroused her more, she had almost climaxed herself; she was so wet between her legs; her hand slowly ceased stroking him, splatters of his cum trailed across her fingers and adorned the back of her hand.

She looked at him; his eyes still rolling in his head as his ecstasy subsided as she playfully wiped his semen from her hand to the inside of his thighs.

She raised herself up and pressed her cum covered breasts against his chest, smearing his cum he had unloaded on her.

They kissed hard and passionately until she pulled away and looked him straight in the eye. “My turn next?”





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