For Beth, Part 2.

He sat in front of her, his cock proudly protruding through his shirt tails as if it were a periscope on a submarine, she could see the eye of it looking back her. He pushed the base with his thumb and pointed his cock directly at her. She loved his cock, long and thick; and ideal suck able cock that would stretch her throat, pussy and ass when he used it on her.

He flicked his cock several times towards her as if he were teasing her with it, he knew she loved it too, but she wasn’t getting any yet. He raised himself to his feet and brought himself and his handsome cock within inches of her face. She opened her mouth expecting him to take full advantage of her in her restrained state; he knew she wanted it but she still had to be reprimanded for her tardiness.

She strained with her neck through the planks of the pillory to reach the head of his cock; her tongue searched in vain for a taste of his salty glans but he remained his distance. She longed to feel the head of his shaft fill her mouth, to roll her tongue around it, savour it, devour it, feel it stretch her throat, have him inside her.

His teasing continued until she could stretch and search no more. As she relaxed he took a short step forward and used his thumb and forefinger to slap her across the cheek with his hard member. She tried to react quickly to take it into her mouth, but as she reacted he quickly stepped back.

“You’ll have to wait”. He teased

He walked away, his shirt tails covering only half of his taught buttocks, his cock leading the way as he disappeared out of her eye line. She could hear him rummaging in a draw or box, she had no idea what he was up to and craned her neck to try to catch a glimpse of what he was up to.

“Tell me again how many minutes late you were tonight?” He asked from another part of the room..

“Eight, eight minutes.” She replied.

He returned to the chair in front of her holding a small box of wooden clothes pegs.

“So eight minutes you say?”

He slowly and deliberately took a clothes peg out of the box and placed it on the small table to the side of his chair.

He counted them out.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.” He was very deliberate with is counting; he wanted her to know exactly how many pegs he withdrew from the box.

He looked at her, her eyes switching between his and the pegs on the table. His cock had reduced to a semi hard state, but she could see it stiffen again as his mind purred over his next move.

He stood and walked to the pillory; he removed the sliding bolt from one end and carefully lowered the planks to the next notch in the leg. He repeated this with the opposite side. The lowering of the planks bent her further at the waist, her slender hips bent like a hinge her ass and pussy further exposed, her pert breasts and hardening nipples pointing directly to the floor.He returned to the table and purposefully collected all eight pegs making sure she could see what he was doing at all times.

He smiled at her as he walked past her; again disappearing from her view, she could feel him standing to her right hand side. The biting sensation on her nipple made her soon realise his intentions for the clothes pegs, it clamped hard, pinching the nerve endings.

“One.” He announced.

He walked round past her face to her left side, a peg on the left nipple took her mind from the pain in her right as he clamped the second peg to her.

“Two.” She could see a pattern forming in his actions.

He walked round the back of her and again stood at her right hand side. She could feel the back of his hand brush against her tummy as he attached peg number three to the soft underside of her breast.


He walked past her again, smiling as he did so. Despite the pinching of the pegs, she could see his erection was returning fast. He fastened peg number four to the underside of her left breast; the pegs bit hard into her skin. The sight of him becoming aroused by his punishment of her further turned her on, her constricted nipples fought against the springs in the pegs as they tried to swell. Her pussy wet and clit throbbing, legs wide still separated by the spreader bar.


She almost expected him to add “Ha ha Ha.” Like the Count from Sesame Street as he counted the pegs. He had moved entirely from her view, the pinch halfway up her inner thigh gave away his position as he attached another peg.


Then a pinch on the other thigh. “Six.” He sounded almost triumphant as his counting grew higher. He paused; she knew full there were two pegs left, her mind and stinging body ached with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her spread thighs were no resistance to his hand as he slid two fingers between her sodden pussy lips; he slid methodically widening his fingers with every glide of his digits. She ached for them to slide inside her, to let them feel how his treatment of her was making her body react.

Her pleasure was sharply interrupted as a sharp pain shot through her sex, her mind had wandered so far from pain to pleasure she hadn’t noticed his other hand nimbly clip a peg to her labia.

“Seven!” He exclaimed

She jolted as another shock of pain hit her senses.

“Eight!” His voice louder than before in triumph of reaching his total.

Her teeth clamped hard as she sucked up the pain. He sat in front of her again, his cock back to its blood filled glory, his thumb cocking it in her direction as he did previously. He sat to admire her; her body was starting to cope with the pain that the eight pegs were inflicting on her soft delicate parts.

Several minutes passed as he continued to admire her, she was beautiful any day, but trussed in a pillory, wearing stockings, a spreader bar and a selection of finely placed clothes pegs was a sight to behold.

He stood again in front of her, his cock again teasing her face; she wasn’t falling for his last trick and this time didn’t offer her mouth for his use. He took this as an affront to his treatment of her and decided that this was cause for further reprimand; he disappeared from view again.

“Rat a tat tat”

The sound of wood on wood echoed in the room, she initially thought these were pencils on a desk but he returned to the chair in front of her with a drum stick, a tube of lube, a pencil and a ruler.

He placed the ruler on top of the drumstick and picked up the pencil in his other hand.

“How many minutes you say? Eight was it?”

“Yes.” She replied.

He looked along the ruler and marked eight inches from the thin end of the drum stick and marked it lightly with the pencil. Placing the pencil and ruler back on the desk he grabbed the lube and flicked the cap off with his thumb and gently squeezed a sliver of lubricant across the area he had marked on the stick. Her eyes watched intently as he smeared the lubricant over the surface of the drum stick; she had a good idea where this was heading.

He walked around her, smiling as he did so and stood behind her. She felt the cool touch of the lubricant caress her parted ass cheeks and the tip of the drumstick piercing her asshole, further it slid, widening slightly as it crept inside her back passage until he stopped at what she presumed was the mark he had made, exactly eight inches.

The pain from the pegs subsided as he anal invasion burst her senses, she thought at any minute the pegs would fly from her nipples such was their need to blossom.

He returned to stand in front of her, his cock rock hard and glistening with teardrops of pre-cum. He took hold of the long blonde hair either side of her head and grabbed it in bunches.

“Open.” He spoke with authority to her and she duly opened her mouth, her lipstick faded from her constant lip biting.

“If the drum stick falls out, I will have to punish you.”

His cock slid in, she could feel the vein on the underside of his cock pronounce as it slid over her tongue. His hands held her head firmly in place as he thrust into her throat; his hips rocking back and forth; building momentum with each dominant thrust. She could feel the drum stick inside her asshole slipping away amongst the lubricant.

She focussed all her will on clenching her muscles to retain the wooden invader.

His thrusts in to her throat continued until she thought he would orgasm, her own pussy was wet with desire, all her senses filled with arousal and pain. He withdrew his cock from her face; he wasn’t done with her yet and wasn’t allowing his own orgasm to detract from her punishment.

He moved behind her and gently removed the pegs from her pussy lips, the relief was tremendous but the after burn stung worse than the pegs. He walked round her removing all of the pegs, the burning sensation similar to the riding crop sting from earlier and all the time clenching the muscles in her ass to keep the drumstick from falling.

Her nipples exploded in to full bloom, her pussy leaked to her thighs as the pain subsided to allow her body to relax and she could feel him withdraw the drumstick from within her ass. Her muscles relaxed in relief as her body washed with her own orgasm, her juices forming a trail down the stockings on her inner thighs.

His hands grabbed hard on to her hips, his cock nudging at her perineum, slowly guiding its way to her opening, the head of his cock seeking out its female compatriot as he plunged full length into her; his thighs slapping hard on her sore crop marked buttocks. His hands pushed apart her cheeks, wider and wider as his thumbs touched her asshole then applied pressure to gain entry in to her pre-lubricated opening.

His cock pounded at her, he tip of his cock colliding with her cervix, his balls slamming against her clit bringing her to a squirting orgasm.

Her legs were taught in their shackles and held firm as his thumbs pulled at her asshole to stretch it wider, pushing them further inside until the knuckle on each thumb was hooked in her passage.

Still his cock pounded; his sweat stinging the red patches on her buttocks, her head drooped in the manmade stocks; another orgasm ripped through her as he unleashed his own torrent of sperm deep inside her. His thumbs relented from their stretching as a mixture of their juices flowed from her covering her stocking clad legs. Bending down he removed the brace that had held her legs so perfectly wide, her ankles shuffling together with the return of their freedom.

He moved around to face her, his cock in the stages of deflating, droplets cum dripping from its eye as he offered it to her tongue to clean off. She lapped at the head of his cock whilst he snipped the restraining cable ties on her wrists. Her hands rotating at the wrist free from their bondage.

He stood away and unclasped the top plank that held her head; she was unsteady and he swiftly moved to her side to stop her from falling. In one movement he scooped her up, arms under her buttocks, her arms clasped around his shoulders, legs either side of his, her head drooped on his shoulders. He held her close to allow her to recover, he felt a little remorse for his treatment of her, but only a little.

Her head lifted from his shoulders and he gazed into his eyes, their lips met with a very tender kiss.

She spoke to him softly. “Sorry I was late.”

“Well I did have that reward you like so much for you, but I also wanted to try my new pillory out, so I guess I don’t mind too much” His voice was soft and gentle.

“So when we’ve cleaned up and eaten, can I have my reward?” She asked.

He responded with a smile.

“Don’t push it!”

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