For Beth. Part 1

“Ok see you at seven on the dot, don’t be late, you know what will happen if you are late”

“Yes, yes, I’ll be on time” She ended the call with a sense of foreboding knowing full well that he would have some form of punishment lined up for her if she was not on time.

He treated her like his princess in public; opening doors, gifts, treats, weekends away in luxury hotels. Behind closed doors, he was a different man, still very respectful and loving to her but he had a strict set of rules that she had to adhere to and she knew not to disappoint him.

His timings were authoritarian, 7.00pm meant 7.00pm not 6.59 or 7.01; she had often found herself clock watching before opening the large wooden front door to his Victorian style house to ensure he heard her enter at the precise time he had expected her. He would set her tasks throughout the day that she had to comply with, again all time related. Usually they would be a photograph or a text of whatever she was doing at a precise time in the day. If she completed his tasks successfully she would be rewarded with gifts, but her favourite reward was being laid on his bed having him eat her pussy until she came at least twice.

He was a master at eating her out, he knew how to please her, his warm mouth offered soft nibbles of her sex, a flickering and circling tongue on her clit would drive her crazy, but when his thumbs part her lips whilst his tongue terrorises her clitoris she would always convulse into a mind bending squirting orgasm.

The sheer thought of her prompt 7.00pm arrival later that evening and him carrying her upstairs to ravage her wet pussy with his mouth and how she would grab at his hair and push his face deep in to her aroused her as she sat in her office chair. She shifted in her seat as she felt the warmth grow between her legs.

The clock on the wall ticked slowly towards 5.00pm, she would have ample time to shop, shower and change and get across town to his house. Clearing her desk she bid good evening to her colleagues and made her way to the shopping precinct across from her office. She only needed two items, new lipstick and more black stockings, the last pair had been ruined when he used them to tie her up and the pair before that he had filled with several loads of cum and posted them back to her after an argument. She should really buy shares in black stockings.

Items located and in the basket she queued thinking she would only be a matter of minutes; the lady in front of her however had different ideas; firstly she couldn’t remember her pin number for her debit card, so rang her husband, then the number wouldn’t work so she rang him back, then it was declined as she was using the wrong card.

Finally after ten minutes of faffing from the woman in front of her she was able to pay for her own items, until the bar code on the stockings wouldn’t go through and she had to wait for an assistant to come with a replacement pair to put through the code.

What had started as a ten minute shop turned in to over double that. It was fine she still had ample time to get ready and be on time later.

The car journey home was just as fraught as the trip to the shop; road works, every traffic light was on red. When she reached home it was almost 5.45 pm leaving her just over an hour to shower, change and drive across town for 7.00pm. Entering her flat she stripped her office clothes off and stepped straight in to the shower allowing the water to wash away the days’ toils; her thoughts spun to the prospect of amazing cunnilingus later and considered a quick play as she washed herself. She was desperately horny but the clock was ticking and she knew she couldn’t be late.

She dried and quickly applied her makeup and fixed her blonde hair before stepping in to her black panties and bra. She admired herself in the mirror, her pert breasts and buttocks neatly concealed with just enough flesh on show knowing this would arouse him later on. Sitting on her bed she rolled the new stockings up each of her slender legs and again stood to admire herself in the mirror; she looked fine even if she did say so herself.

Six twenty five, she didn’t bother with a dress, she hoped not to be wearing it too long when she arrived at this house. She wrapped the cord of the three quarter length raincoat around her waist and slipped in to her heels; six thirty; she had 30 minutes to do a twenty minute journey; she smiled pleased with herself for being so organised, her nipples twitched in anticipation of the night that lay ahead for her.

The car ride started to turn into a nightmare, the broken down truck was causing tailbacks at the main set of lights and she was anxious that time was no longer on her side. She tapped at the steering wheel in frustration as the lights again changed to red with little or no movement from the cars in front. Several cycles of the lights passed before the traffic ahead of her cleared and she was able to make progress. She glanced at the clock, it was 6.50 and it was touch and go whether she would make her 7.00pm target on time.

The street on which he lived usually had spare spaces to park, tonight though was a different matter. There were no available spaces as she crawled along looking to see where she could fit her car. The clock ticked past seven: She turned in to a side street and found a place to park, quickly locked the car and walked as quickly as she could in her tall heels to his front door. She knew it had gone past seven and knew her night of being eaten out might have gone.

Entering the house she could smell the aroma of food filtering through the rooms, soft music filled her ears. He had gone to his usual efforts of making it a special night; candles were lit throughout the hall, their dim reflection echoing from the polished wooden floors.

“Hi.” She called out to announce her arrival.

“In the study.” His reply was curt and abrupt.

She walked through the hall to the door on the left, the house was large, wooden flooring throughout with bulky wooden furniture and bespoke ornaments decorating each room. His study was his den, there weren’t too many people allowed to enter, it had taken weeks maybe months before she was allowed in after they first started dating. It was filled with boys’ toys, large flat screen TV, pool table, a bar, leather settee and matching stool, a variety of books, posters with quotes and classic music album covers decorated the walls. To the outside wall was a large fire place with an iron mantle; he would light it on cold evenings and she loved being fucked on the rug that lay in front of it.

“Sorry I’m la..” He cut her off before she could finish her sentence.

“We said seven didn’t we?”

“Yes, bu.”

“You know what happens when you are late don’t you?” He cut her off again

“Yes.” She replied looking to the floor not knowing what was coming next.

He had never been abusive to her, he would punish and reward her as all good Dommes do; she had no reason to be frightened but she never knew what he had in store for her.

“Strip” He told her in a calm voice.

“Well I’ve not much to take off. She spoke quickly for fear of being interrupted again.

“It won’t take you long then will it.” He replied.

She untied the belt on her raincoat and opened it to show off her petite body clad in black lingerie. He looked back at her, trying to maintain a firm expression on his face. He would quite happily fuck her right there and then but she needed to be punished for her tardiness.

“Bra and panties too. Leave the stockings” He ordered.

She obeyed and stripped herself of her underwear and stood before him, naked as the day she was born bar the black stockings.

“Hands by your side head down.” Were his next instructions, again she duly obliged without a word.

He spoke again. “I’ve made you something today; do you know what a pillory is?”

“No.” She replied

“Ah well, you’re in for a history lesson too. You see a pillory was a device made of a wooden or metal framework erected on a post. It has holes for securing the head and hands, it was used for punishment by public humiliation and often further physical abuse.”

“Ok.” She responded, her nipples stirring from the thought of her imminent captivity.

He dragged a cloth draped item out from behind the bar and placed it in front of her, it looked heavy and quite rdy, about 4 feet high and the same in width. She lifted her gaze from the floor as he unveiled his latest creation. Two planks of wood with three holes spaced equally across the length, Sturdy wooden legs with wide feet to balance securely. Each leg had several adjustment holes so he could lower or raise the height of the planks.

“So because you were late, I am going to put you in the pillory” He spoke assertively, her breath deepened , her pert breasts rising and falling, nipples starting to harden and her pussy warming to the thought of being captive in his new creation. He opened the gap in the two planks and motioned his hand for her to put her hands and head through the holes. She moved forward, and placed each wrist and her head through the corresponding holes.

He closed the planks; she had ample room and quickly worked out that she could probably wriggle her wrists free. He knew it too, but the zip ties in his hand showed he had planned for this as he fastened one to each wrist and another fastened to hook on the back of the plank.

Her small stature left her bent slightly at the hips, her ass exposed. She had no idea what his punishment would be. Would he take her straight away from behind, in the ass, in her pussy, spank her? She had no idea what he had planned.

“What time did you arrive? How late were you?” He asked

“I’m not sure” She replied getting quite turned on in her restricted state.

“Ok, well I know exactly how late you were.”

He moved away from her and returned behind her, she could feel a cold leather like swatch riding over her ass and down the back of her thighs to her calves, a pause then the swatch moved to the other calf, up her thigh and between her legs. The cold leather tickling her pussy setting off her juices, he ran whatever it was along her spine to her neck and as he moved around to the front of her he brushed it across her face. She could see quite clearly the riding crop in his hand.

“I want you to count the minutes that you were late.” He spoke softly, as he moved behind her.

The tongue of the crop lashed against her left buttock; she winced and yelped in pain.

“How many is that?”

“One” She replied

The leather tongue of the crop cracked on her buttock again.

“How many now?”


He cracked her again and she counted his blows to a total of eight.

“How many minutes late were you?

“Eight, eight minutes.” She gasped her cheek glowing red from his blows.

He walked around to her right side; the crop slapping against her unmarked buttock

“How many is that?”

“One” She replied

The leather tongue of the crop cracked on her buttock again.

“How many now?”


He cracked her again and she counted his blows to a total of eight.

“How many minutes late were you?

“Eight, eight minutes.” She gasped both her cheeks now both glowing red from his blows.

Her nipples had hardened, breasts swollen and her pussy was undeniably wet. Her ass stung but her pain was mixed with pleasure as her captivity and captor enraged her stimulation.

She thought he would maybe release her after he administered her ass cropping but the feel of ankle cuffs being fastened to each ankle made her suspect he had more in store for her. His hands gripped her left ankle and she heard a click as he fastened something to the clip. He moved to her right ankle and pushed it wide, again another click. His hands moved away and she tried to close her feet together.

“You can’t close your legs as I’ve put a spreader bar between them” He informed her.

Her legs were wide open, her asshole and pussy on full display to him.

She could feel the touch of the crop rising up her thigh, then the other, then a sharp pain as he slapped the inside of each thigh four times with the tongue of the crop. She yelped, the pain stinging and arousing as it subsided. The crop rose higher to her wet pussy, he slid the leather up and down along the length of her slit, her body naturally riding it, looking for more attainting as it slide to and fro across her clit.

His teasing ended abruptly as he withdrew the crop and slapped the leather tongue against her pussy, her clitoris reacted with the first tingling of orgasm; again her struck and again. By the sixth strike she was begging for another to make her cum, the seventh strike arrived and her body convulsed her legs shaking with the intensity; the eight blow completed her orgasm as she squirted to the floor, droplets of her juice rolling down her thighs.

He paused whilst she recovered and brought a chair to sit in front of her; he was now naked from the waist down, his impressive cock hard and protruding from the front of his shirt, he sat and looked at her…

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