The Writers Toy. Part 4

“What do you mean boyfriends only in there?” he asked with a quizzical look on his face.

“Just one of my little rules, you’ll see, race ya” And with that she set off with a jog.

“Come on slow coach” She teased him as he followed behind her.

He had no intention of being first to the bottom of the hill, why would he? If did he wouldn’t have been able to watch that fine ass and legs in perfect metronomic movement. She had drained his balls – twice – only a matter of minutes earlier but he could feel himself getting hard again as he watched her from behind, just keeping himself at a distance where he could admire the full view.

“I win”. She exclaimed.

“Yeah yeah, I let you”. He responded and then started to giggle.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Your face”. Pointing out to her that the dust from the hill descent had stuck to her perspiration, all apart from where he had written TOY on her forehead in his own cum and her saliva.

“Don’t know what you’re laughing at”. Motioning to the bulge in the front of his shorts.

He blushed and tried to disguise that he was again aroused by her.

“I can’t help it; you just turn me on so much”

“Well I’d better see what I can do to relieve you of that bulge, c’mon”. She grabbed his hand and dragged him in to the cabin.

By the time she dragged him in to his office his cock was pounding with blood as it swelled and throbbed in anticipation like never before, “Fuck she turned him on” His shorts strained to retain it as she reached his desk. Placing both hands on the desk edge she bent at the waist pointing her ass in his direction.

“What you waiting for Mr Writer?”

He grabbed her dress and lifted it over her buttocks, her small G-string panties barely visible in the crack of her cheeks. He tugged at them pulling them to her ankles and stood back to admire her.

“Remember my rule Mr Writer…Boyfriends only”

He wasn’t totally sure what she meant, however it soon became apparent as he offered his cock to her pussy lips only to be rebuked by her.

She smiled and winked at him over her shoulder.

“Mr Writer, boyfriends only, you’ll have to find somewhere else to put that hard cock”.

The penny dropped as he lifted his cock to aim for her asshole. He was rampantly hard and she bucked as the head of his cock began to splay her hole. His hands grabbing her cheeks spreading them wide as he inched slowly inside her.

“Yesss Mr Writer, fuck me, fuck my ass, give me all your cock”

Her words spurred him on as he buried his full length inside her holding himself with his balls pressed against her perineum, her head thrown back her body arched as he grabbed her hair hard and yanked it towards him. She yelped in pleasure as he withdrew and slammed his cock in her hard; her tight hole straining the skin on his cock hard against his fraenulum.

“Fuck me Mr Writer, fuck me and make me cum Mr Writer””.

His pace quickened as he could feel her orgasm nearing, her hair taught between her head and his hand, his remaining palm stretching her ass cheeks wide as he pounded this delightful tight hole.

“I’m cumming Mr Writer, I’m cumming, yesss, Mr Writer, yesss” Her body convulsing in her throes of ecstasy, writhing on his hard cock that plundered her ass.

Her body shook uncontrollably; her legs buckling under the sheer force of her pleasure, a trickle of juice squirting down her inner thigh as he thrust relentlessly in to her. He could feel his balls tighten but held off his own orgasm.

“Cum again for me My Toy, I want you to cum again”

His voice firm and demanding.

“Yes Mr Writer I will, I will when you cum in my ass. Cum in me Mr Writer, I want to feel it inside me.

His pace blurred, his thighs slapped her buttocks with each stroke as he searched for his own orgasm. He could feel she was close again, pushing her buttocks to meet his thrust, her moans wild with desire, his breath hard and short as he unleashed his third load of the day deep in her ass. As she had promised, the feeling of his seed exploding inside her tipped her over the edge and she came harder than the first time, her legs giving way as she shuddered in delight.

He slipped from her, his cock well worn from the exploits of the afternoon, his cum leaking from her hole trailing over her pussy to her thighs. Again he stepped back to admire this beauty stood before him.

He helped her steady up on her feet before planting a warm wet kiss on her lips, their tongues flashed together; sweat droplets on both of their faces. The word TOY he had written on her earlier was smudged and half worn away, they both looked dishevelled but both also glowed from their orgasm ravaged afternoon.

His phone rang ‘Publisher’ for fucks sake how does she manage to interrupt every time he thought. He ignored it and focussed his immediate attention on Heather.

“I need to shower” She said.

“Help yourself, I’ll sort you some clean towels, I need to return this call or she will play merry fuck with me if I don’t”

“Ok, no probs”.

She gave him a peck before she headed for the bathroom, then stopped.

“Mr Writer?”

“Yes my Toy?”

“Could I stay with you tonight?”

“Err yes, I’d love you to”.

She shrieked and skipped off in to the bathroom, whilst he returned the Publishers call.

“I wish you would answer your fucking phone the first time”. There was no mincing words when the Publisher called.

“Right I’ve got us a book pre launch next Saturday at Sauna Sauna, I’ll send you an address. Get yourself a date, make sure she’s playful, hire one if you have to, but there’ll be plenty of spares there. Oh its black tie for you, that’s if you own one.”

With that she cut the call, he hadn’t even managed to speak.

Heather returned to his office, hair damp and frizzy wearing one of his shirts that just covered her pussy. His mind whirred again, his cock still spent and too exhausted to stir.

“I’ve a book pre launch next Saturday, would you like to come?

“Yes Mr Writer, I’d love to”

“Ok we can sort details later”

She sat in his big leather writing chair, her legs teasingly apart, closed enough not to reveal her sex but wide enough to make him stare.

Her face was clean from the shower and he was disappointed the writing had washed away. He liked her being around; he especially liked being sucked off twice and then taking her in the ass. He reached across his desk for a pen.

“What you doing Mr Writer?”

“I need to do something”.

“Oooo”. She replied.

He knelt between her legs pushing her knees wider apart; her hand cupped her sex as he exposed her to his gaze.

He gripped the pen top in his mouth and removed it with a pop. On the top of her inner thigh, as far as she would allow he wrote.

‘Mr Writers Toy’

She giggled as the pen tickled her skin.

“That’s not permanent pen is it?

“Yes, My Toy it is”.

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  1. Yum. I should have waited until I got home to read this, but this made my hump day so much better. Thank you. Mr. Writer 🙂


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