Room 2 Thirty 7 – Part 3.

She rose to her feet avoiding the puddle of her own juices that covered the floor tiles, stepping over them she grabbed a towel and quickly dried herself off. She really needed another bath or quick shower but really needed to go and hide under her bed clothes and wait to wake up from this strangest of dreams.

She threw the towel on the floor over where she had squirted, picked up the duvet she had taken with her when she first entered the bathroom and walked to her bed and crashed down on top of the mattress rolling herself into the duvet to stay warm and also to protect herself from any other surprises.

She slept quite well despite the events of the night and woke reasonably refreshed early the next morning. She desperately needed to pee and climbed off the bed to go to the bathroom. She opened the door and cautiously peered in fearing what she might find. She breathed a sigh of relief to find the room in the same state as she had left it and sat on the toilet to relieve herself. She surveyed the room, the mirrors were spotlessly clean, no sign of any smiley faces or a man in a blue jacket, she smiled as she remembered her double orgasm the night before.

She returned to the bedroom and stopped dead in her tracks. The bedroom had 3 mirrors on the dressing table opposite her bed, all three were steamed up, all three had a smiley face drawn on them. Her heart skipped at the sight of them.

“Someone is taking the piss out of me here”

She walked over to wipe them clean, as fast as she wiped the images returned with the grin on each face becoming broader and broader.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck off creeping me out will you” She cried.

The faces in the mirror faded away, she froze as they eerily turned in to letters, then each mirror displayed a word.




“What the fuck”. She was properly freaked out and wanted to run but was too afraid, too curious and too naked to run in to the corridor.

She decided to take note of the words in the mirror; she climbed on to the bed and knelt facing the dressing table reading the words displayed in the mirrors. She waited and waited for something to happen.

She felt a cold touch from behind on her buttocks, a smooth cold feeling like hands caressing her ass, suddenly propelling her forward on to all fours. She looked up in to the mirrors. The reflection showed a man almost identical to the one from the bar and bathroom, but she was sure he was not the same man.

He was a lot rougher and hastier with his touch, his hands pulled her ass cheeks apart and she could see from his reflection and the nudging at her labia that he was aiming to penetrate her pussy with little or no foreplay. Her pussy was just wet enough to allow him to enter, he was big she could feel her tunnel being stretched as he pushed himself inside her.

Her pussy becoming wetter as it responded to his penetration.

She stared in to the mirror as he pulled her back sliding his ample cock in and out of her tunnel. She could feel her climax rising, she loved to be fucked from behind, love to be fucked hard, loved feel testicles slamming against her clitoris. Her back arched as she kept constant eye contact with the mirror, his hands held her hips as he powered his own hips back and forth.

She was close, on the verge of cumming, when she caught sight of the man from the bathroom in the second mirror, she could also see herself and the man’s erection close to her face. He was a good size to and she opened her mouth and awaited it to be filled. She loved being fucked from behind but she loved being spit roasted more. She could feel him on her lips, a cool sensation entering her mouth, filling her lips, her tongue lapping around to revel in its girth.

In the mirror, it looked all so real, being roasted by what she now assumed were twins. In reality it looked like she was having some form of seizure, rocking on the bed on all fours, mouth wide open and pussy splayed. She didn’t care, the sensation these ethereal men were giving her was indescribable; her pussy dripped with delight as it was pounded, saliva ran from her mouth as her throat was invaded. The twins took turns in pulling her head back and forth to please their own needs and desires. The man in her pussy pulling each time he thrust forward, the man in her mouth pulling each time he thrust in to her mouth.

Her pussy clenched around the cock inside it, she climaxed, hard, long nerve shattering contractions that flooded her senses. He didn’t relent in his pace, her orgasm only serving to spur them both on. She felt like a tree in a woodman cutters saw being pushed and pulled, impaled at both ends. Her body shook again, a hard orgasm that made her squirt on to the bed, she couldn’t control it as her liquid soaked the sheets.

Both men ploughed harder and deeper, she thought they were going to clash cocks as they penetrated so deep in to her body. She was exhausted at their treatment of her. She wanted them to cum, but had no idea if they could or what the fuck would happen if they did.

Another climax ripped through her and then it happened. She could feel both men swell at the same time, their cocks flashing in and out of her, she climaxed again and felt them empty huge loads of cum into her mouth and pussy. Her pussy squelching as his thrusts began to slow, the trickle of cum teasing her thighs as it was forced from within her.

The load in her mouth spewed in to her throat, filling her mouth, the mass of his cock causing her to purge sperm from her lips; she gagged as he plundered her throat one more time before withdrawing.

She had never taken her eyes from the mirror and had watched the whole glorious roasting of her throat and pussy. Her eyes closing as she relaxed.

She opened her eyes to admire the scene once more, they were gone, her state of post orgasmic rush still remained, her throat sore, pussy gaped, wet and satisfied. Her own saliva and cum juice stained the bedding beneath her; but no cum, not one drop. Her head couldn’t compute what was happening.

She flopped face down, happy in the haze of her experience, her hands tracing over her body, continuing to relive the roasting.

“Mmmm feels like cum, tastes like cum, but no cum to clean up.”

Her delirium broken by a knock at the door…

Authors note

Hands up if you’d like a part 4?  Who is at the door?


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