Date Night; Part 2

After several minutes the door opened with a click.

She could feel his presence in the room and waited anxiously with bated breath for his next move.


The cane struck her already sore buttocks with more ferocity than he had done previously; her legs almost giving out leaving her partially suspended by her arms. She yelped loudly into the tape that still held her mouth closed; tears ran from her eyes soaking the black material of the hood.

He stood behind her silently, she awaited another strike of the cane but it never came. She could feel him standing behind her and unless she was very much mistaken he was naked, with the tip of his cock brushing against her sore buttocks. He reached up and released her hands from the cuffs pressing his hard cock in to the crack of her ass, her sticky pussy throbbed with the touch of his hardness.

Her arms flopped to her sides after he released them, her muscles weak with being held up for so long, her legs trembled from the severity of the caning and several massive orgasms. He led her by the hand and turned her at ninety degrees releasing her hands. Her mind told her to flee but she was too weak, still gagged and hooded. She heard him shuffle and mumble again as he took her hands and pulled her forward over a table.

Her breasts pressed tight against the cold wooden surface, he pulled each of her arms wide and refastened them to the opposite corners of the table; her head drooped unsupported as her shoulders rested across the table edge. Her ass fully exposed, her pussy throbbed with longing, tension and intrigue.

He moved again, shuffling and mumbling which had become part of his ritual when he moved. The smell from the candle again wafted in to her nostrils and she knew full well what to expect. Hot drips of wax dropped from height on to her bare back as he randomly dripped a trail of wax along her spine, lower and lower to the crease in her buttocks. The first drop landed in between her cane reddened cheeks and she yelped as it burnt in to the tender flesh above her ass hole. She squirmed trying to ease the burning sensation but the more she squirmed the more he dripped, the wax was getting uncomfortably close to her tight hole and she feared being burnt.

As he had done with her nipples, he knew exactly when to stop, this excited her nipples as they blossomed, pushing hard in to the wooded table top, her pussy swelled and throbbed as the mixture of sensations thrilled her ass hole. She revelled in the pain her ass was giving her, the sting of the burn heightening all her nerve endings.

The wax had cooled hard on her delicate skin when an ice cold touch blistered through her body. The heat from the wax was replaced with what she could only think were ice cubes.

He ran one in his fingers, down from the top of her ass crack, over the wax, between her legs, over her pussy lips and rotated it around her clitoris. Her legs tried to close but his feet prevented her doing so.

The ice torture around her clit continued as she felt a second cube being slithered between her cheeks, stopping at her hole, rotating the circumference of her clenched asshole.

She was numb, all her senses were overloading, her pussy was on the verge of another earthquake of an orgasm and again he stopped.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking let me cum”. She screamed into the tape over her mouth.

She couldn’t decide if he had been able to understand her words but the ice returned to both holes, this time not circling, but pushing, probing for entry. He pushed one in to her vagina sliding it easily in to her wet tunnel, her muscles contracting around the cold invader, trying to expel it, trying to melt it, trying to savour it.

Her mind was so distracted that she gave no resistance when he pushed a second cube in to her asshole. She bucked and flayed on the table as a her ass sucked the cube into her tight hot passage, the sensation so overwhelming causing her to squirt from her pussy, hard, direct, to the floor splattering both their feet and legs.

Her hot cum juices mixed with the rapidly melting ice as the liquid ran down her thighs and calves, her mind was melting faster than the ice, both holes numb from the cold as he again moved away from her. The deprivation of her sight had heightened her hearing and she could hear the faintest movement of him. He picked something up, picked at it with his fingers; then she heard the sound of adhesive tape being pulled from its roll.

She felt his fingers spread her ass cheeks and adhere an end of tape to the inside of her buttock. Her breath paused waiting for his next action. The tape bit in to her soft flesh as he pulled the tape taught across her ass and fastened the other end to the table top. He repeated with the other cheek, her ass spread wide open, her pussy splayed before him as he positioned himself behind her with the head of his cock nudging her pussy lips.

He entered her with a thrust of mammoth proportions, hard and powerfully deep almost sending her and the table over as the tip of his shaft collided with her cervix. He withdrew, then hammered himself home again, fingers digging in to her hips as if gaining traction and momentum to aid his destruction of her sex.

The table legs rocked as he continued fucking her relentlessly until, as suddenly as he started he stopped, her pussy raw from his brutal admonishment by his cock, she never knew she could cum so many times in such a short space of time, her body felt anaesthetised by his treatment of her.

She sensed him move again, he was in front of her.

“Close your eyes” He spoke softly as he lifted the hood above her nose and away from her head. Her eyes clamped tightly shut fearing the light would burn in to them when she opened them.

“Ok, don’t speak”. Again he spoke gently as he pulled the tape from her mouth. Her saliva and the heat from inside the hood had long reduced the strength of the adhesive but she felt relieved to fully gasp for air.

“You F…”

“Shhhhh”. He interrupted her before she could finish. Her eyes slowly opened to adjust to the lit room. Amongst the colours mixing within her retina and the glaring of the light she could make out the silhouette of his cock standing proudly just inches from her face.

His hand grabbed her hair and he took hold of her head firmly.

“Open wide”.

She still couldn’t make out his face, he seemed familiar but she obeyed and opened her mouth allowing him to first guide the head of his cock into her glistening mouth before ramming her head down with his hand to take him deep in to her throat.

As he did with her pussy he was just as merciless with the treatment of her face mouth and throat. Streams of saliva drained from her mouth as his balls slapped her chin, occasionally keeping her head pressed down, cock locked firmly in her throat.

Her eyes rolled around her head, the pleasure his cock gave her in her mouth had her pussy dripping as if it were a leaking tap. She was constantly in orgasm, her body and senses had been ravaged by this man.

His face fucking relented and he stepped back to admire the carnage he had caused to her face. She was covered in saliva, make up smeared all over head face, hair in knotted strands hanging down in wisps and straggles from her head. She still couldn’t see his face, just his bare ass as he left the room, the door clicked closed.

“I’m a dirty filthy ass fucking, fucking whore, you wanna see my ass stretched open don’t you, you mother fucker”

The sound track started again and she could hear running water from the room above her; her ass stung as the tape still held her backdoors wide open.

The sound track stopped, the door opened and in he walked, the first thing that caught her eye was his impressive erect cock that lead the way in to the room. What was he going to do to her next? How long would he keep her here?

Her queries were soon answered: he stood behind her again his cock tip tickling her perineum; he nudged higher, his tip nudging at her tight round asshole.

“What are you?” He asked.

“What am I?” She replied.

She yelled at the top of her voice.

“I’m a dirty filthy ass fucking, fucking whore, you wanna see my ass stretched open don’t you, you mother fucker”

With that he plunged his cock in her ass upto the hilt, his balls colliding with her clit making her scream in orgasmic pain.

He asked her again.

“What are you?”

“I’m a dirty filthy ass fucking, fucking whore, you wanna see my ass stretched open don’t you, you mother fucker”

He ploughed her again, each time he stretched her asshole she yelled the words.

“I’m a dirty filthy ass fucking, fucking whore, you wanna see my ass stretched open don’t you, you mother fucker”

His stroke quickened his thrust grew in fervour with each powerful penetration until he could take no more. She felt him swell and burst his seed deep in her ass, then held himself pressed up inside her until his flaccid cock slipped from her cum drenched hole.

He didn’t speak; he carefully and gently peeled the tape from her ass cheeks, walked around the table and delicately unfastened her wrists. She did not move, she physically could not, she was sore and ached painfully from his detailed treatment of her. She lay as she was across the table until she felt him lift her to stand and his arms then scoop under her tender buttocks and shoulders lifting her into his arms.

Her head drooped to his shoulder as he carried her from the room up a second flight of stairs to a bathroom.

The water she had earlier had been the large bath filling. At the side was a large glass of red wine accompanied by the bottle. He lowered her in to the soapy water, her buttocks stinging with rage as the stripes inflicted by the cane dipped in to the water.

He released her and she lay almost submerged in the foamy soak, her head in a daze of delirium.

He spoke softly to her.

“Cab is booked for 9pm,” I’ve booked our favourite table”

“Thank you” She replied. “I do love our date nights”

Author note.

I needed a glass of red after writing this!


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