Room 2 Thirty 7

That’s from the gentleman at the end of the bar madam”

“What gentleman? There’s no one there” She replied.

“At the end of the bar madam, look into the mirror you may see him better.”

She looked in the mirrored wall behind the optics of the bar and saw a tall figure, light coloured hair, blue jacket and quite handsome raising his glass in her direction.

She shook her head and looked along the bar to where his reflection indicated he would be standing to see no one standing there; in fact there was no-one in the room apart from herself and the barman.

“Look I know it’s the day before Halloween, but what the fuck is going on? I’ve had a long day, shit meetings, my feet hurt and you fucking with my head isn’t helping my mood; cut the bullshit please.”

The barman looked back at her in astonishment at her abrupt tone, tutted and shuffled off towards the end of the bar where the man was supposedly standing.

Her mouth hung open in amazement as the barman seemingly struck up a conversation with himself. She stared thinking he had quite clearly lost his mind until she caught a glimpse of the ‘invisible’ man in the mirror again and positioned herself so she could quite clearly see both men in conversation. Her heart sank,

“Oh fuck, I think I’ve been spiked”. As she looked inquisitively in to her glass.

There was no one in the bar, it was late and all other guests including her work colleague had retired to their hotel rooms; ahead of the Halloween activities that were planned for the following day. Grabbing her red wine glass she gulped the remaining mouthfuls in one large gulp and picked up her handbag from the stool  next to where she was sat.

“Night madam” called the barman as she turned to walk away.

“Yes night” She replied, still utterly confused as to what she had just witnessed.

The corridor to her room was cold, she traced her hands along the radiators as she walked by them; they were hot but why was it so cold? She quickened her step to hurry to her room. She arrived at 237 and swiped the key card to enter.

“Shit” it was even colder in here, her nipples hardened and her skin pimpled in the cold, her breath visible as she exhaled in short shivery breaths.

She was in no mood for this shit and immediately grabbed the phone to ring reception, the phone rang and rang but there was no answer. She surveyed the room looking for the thermostat and spotted it on the wall opposite the bed. Her temper had risen and she slammed the phone back on to the receiver with a clatter and made her way to the thermostat to turn it up, which was already on max.

Grabbing the duvet from the bed she wrapped it around her and shuffled through to the bathroom. Running the hot tap over the bath she was comforted that the water that gushed from it was piping hot. She tipped in every soap product she could find and watched as the bubbles frothed and multiplied as they mixed with the water.

The bathroom was quite large, spacious bath, a large full length mirror on one wall and another adjacent to the bath; between them they showed every angle of the room.

 The heat from the water filled the room with a dense thick steam covering the mirrors and tiles with misted droplets of water. The room was immaculately clean and she felt comfortable slipping from under her duvet shroud and warming slightly as the water continued to fill the tub.

She kicked off her shoes and unzipped her grey one piece office dress allowing it to flop to the floor. She stood in her black stockings, matching panties and bra staring in to the misty mirror, just able to make out her reflection staring back at her. Stretching her forefinger towards her reflection she drew a simple smiling face level with her reflection and stared momentarily in to it.

“Shit the bath.” She thought, leaning over to quickly close the taps.

She straightened and deftly unhooked her bra; her nipples were hard with the cold, her skin still pimply from the cold. She quickly peeled her stockings from her legs and with a flick of both thumbs and a cheeky wiggle of her hips slid out of her panties

Stepping into the bath her skin tingled as the heat warmed her blood, she paused before fully sinking her pale skinned body in to the bubbles and slid full length so only her face remained above the line of foam, she closed her eyes to allow the stresses of her day soak away.

She can’t remember if she had drifted in to a slumber or her mind had completely relaxed. The steam had all but cleared and she looked at the face she had drawn in the mirror. She sat bolt upright with fright.

“What the actual fuck?”

Next to her drawing was another face, she didn’t remember drawing two…

More surprises to follow throughout the day…

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