Date Night; Part 1

Date Night

The heat hit her as she walked out from the cool interior of her office block in to the street; she shielded her eyes from its bright intensity as she searched in her purse for her sunglasses. She was totally preoccupied by the events of her work day and thoughts of her evening that lay ahead and tried to locate her glasses amongst the cluttered innards of her purse.

Trying to extract them was no easy task, earphone cables tightly wound around the designer frames, the cable further entwined around several other items that probably need not have been in there further frustrated her attempts.

“Of for f….” Her cursing abruptly cut short by a hand clasping over her mouth and an arm wrapping around her chest from behind. She struggled frantically but he assailant held firm.

“Shut the fuck up, don’t struggle and do as I say” Came the voice in her ear.

Her struggles relented and she assumed he was simply after snatching her purse.

The arm around her chest released her whilst the hand over her mouth clenched tighter pulling her head tight to his shoulder. His free hand grabbed for her left wrist, his grip burning in to her skin, suddenly cooled by the sensation of cold steel that clamped to her lower arm.

His hands switched places and he took her right wrist and completed the manoeuvre binding her wrists behind her back.

His hand released its suffocating grip on her mouth.

“Don’t make fucking sound” He ordered.

She gasped for air and tried to shout for help.

As the first decibel left her mouth she was silenced by her assailant and a strip of strong silver tape, she continued her cries but the tape muffled any volume, then suddenly as if someone turned out the lights it went dark.

She struggled as she was walked several paces before being bundled in to the trunk of a car, the sound of the tailgate closing filled her with dread but without her senses and with her binds she was powerless to retaliate. The car door opened and closed and the engine started. The driver wasted no time in moving off as she rolled uncontrollably from front to back in the empty trunk.

Her captivity in the car seemed endless; she kicked frantically at the trunk lid and the sides of the car but to no avail until suddenly it stopped and reversed for a short distance  then stopped with a jolt as the driver slammed the brakes hard rolling her hard into the back of the car. Her heart pounded through her chest with fear and adrenaline as the trunk lid opened and a hand grabbed her upper arm pulling her out of the car to her feet.

She thrashed to break her bindings but the grip on her was too strong as she was lead a short distance before being guided down some wooden stairs. She heard a chair drag on the floor and her captor order her to.


She sat as instructed, the wooden chair felt cool on her buttocks and thighs.

“Don’t move” He spoke again sternly “I’ll be watching”

The creak of the door and the click of the latch told her she was locked in a room, she daren’t move, her hands bound behind her, unable to see through the thick material of the hood and her mouth taped to deny her from crying out.

Her thoughts were interrupted with the sound of voices, she quickly became aware that this was a recording and sounded like a porn movie on high volume.

“What the fuck” She thought “Is he jerking off?”

The soundtrack played repeatedly, she could make out the main sentences hidden amongst the moans, face slaps and gagging sounds that accompanied the words.

“I’m a dirty filthy ass fucking, fucking whore, you wanna see my ass stretched open don’t you, you mother fucker”

Over and over it played, unrelenting until she had memorised each word, each moan, each gag and every face slap.

The door clicked open, and then a second click, she presumed he had turned on the light; her body tensed as she heard his footsteps coming closer.

She could feel his presence in front of her, she sat motionless as she heard him shuffle behind her and grab her left arm. She felt the cuff on her wrist unclasp as he then brought both hands to her front and fastened them again.

“Stand” He demanded.

He helped her to her feet and she stood there motionless, he took hold of the chain linking her cuffed wrists lifting her arms above her head. He was fiddling with something as if he was fastening the chain to something else. It soon became apparent that he had, she sensed him moving away as her arms remained suspended above her head. She felt a sudden jolt in her shoulders as he used a pulley or similar to pull her arms high above her head.

She stayed this way for several minutes, she could hear him rustling around somewhere in the room, he was mumbling as if some part of his plan had gone awry.

“Ah, found you, you fuckers” Obviously talking to himself.

She felt a hand grab her ankle, the shock of his touch making her kick out at him.

“I’ve told you to keep fucking still!” His voice snarled at her.

Her kicking ceased and again she stood motionless.

She felt a cold metallic sensation stroke the outside of her calf muscle and then an intense feeling of her clothing being cut. The sound of the steel cutting through the fabric cut through her like nails on a chalk board. He repetitively climbed higher with each action of the scissors; he reached the waistband on her trousers and continued up her blouse cutting under and over her arm. With one side of her clothing cut, he moved to the other, her trousers and blouse falling to the floor as he completed his final few snips of the fabric.

She stood, hands and arms manacled above her head, mouth gagged, head covered, her eyesight blacked out and naked except for her underwear. Her balance remained steady despite her mind in complete turmoil of her situation. He stood close again. Three snips of his scissors and her bar fell forward from her breasts to the floor, two more snips and her panties joined her tattered clothing at her feet. She trembled with an array of nervousness, fully exposed, restrained and helpless.

He kicked away the clothing, she could hear him rustling and mumbling in another area of the room. She listened intently trying to fathom his intentions, her ears straining for clues.


An excruciating pain flashed through her body, her eyes wept, her buttocks screamed as his cane connected hard with her soft flesh. She tried to scream but the tape help firm, her arms and legs flailing such was the pain.


Again he struck her, with no less ferocity and again he struck. Her buttocks numbed by the first two blows she secretly waited in excited anticipation for the next. It duly arrived, catching her left buttock harder than the right, she winced in pain but the pain was becoming pleasure, her nipples had hardened and she could feel them throb, her exposed pussy instantly leaking her juices to her tightly clamped thighs.



He struck blows four and five in quick succession, the pain across her buttocks raged but her growing arousal grew inside her, she wanted another strike across her ass, she was on the edge of an incredible orgasm, her mind begged him.

“One more, one more, make me cum, please make me cum”

The sixth blow never arrived, her ass stung like crazy but again she could hear him rustling and mumbling in the same part of the room he had been before. He wasn’t the most organised kidnapper she thought to herself. She had relaxed in her arousal and was now unsure whether she was now terrified or enjoying herself. Her nostrils picking up the scent of a candle; she strained hard using her two remaining senses to anticipate his next move.

He didn’t keep her waiting long as the burning sensation on her right collar bone told her that the candle was not to be used for a romantic meal. He dripped more wax on her breast bone as he moved slowly across to her left side, dripping the hot liquid at will on her pale skin. She writhed as each hot droplet landed; he teased her dripping occasional drops in sporadic areas, leaving random times between each tip of the candle.

The wax burnt in to her skin, quickly cooling as it landed, congealing as it clung to her. He dripped lower across the top of both breasts, the sensation aroused her, hardening her nipples and making her clitoris throb. He dripped lower again just above her rounded areola, her head thrown back in pain and pleasure, her juices leaking once more as her orgasm neared, she needed one more, one more on either nipple and she would explode. “One more, please one more”

The one more drip she craved never came, it was if he could read her mind, like he was tapped in to her arousal and knew how to deny her.

Off he went again, fumbling and mumbling, her ass stinging from the caning, her chest and breasts burning from the wax. She could sense his return in front of her, what next? What would he inflict on her now?

Her left nipple sent a wave of displeasure through her as it was clamped hard, followed then by the right, the sensation ached in her mind, her nipples retracted then exploded in to full bloom as the blood supply held firm within them.

“Fuck these hurt but fuck they feel good”

She could feel something cold tickling between her legs in her shaved pubic area. She had deduced that the clamps on her nipples were connected by a chain and this object ticking at her was maybe also connected.

She felt his hand probe and rummage within her wet labia, his fingers in search of her engorged clitoris, purposefully slipping a finger in her sodden tunnel to tease her further. He located her clit and pinched it hard between his thumb and finger making her shudder to the point of orgasm when she felt the cold steel of the clamp pinching it hard almost surgically.

She sensed him step away again,


His cane tore across her ass cheeks with tremendous force, her hips rocked forward almost taking her off her feet, the sting ricocheting throughout her body, her restrained clitoris straining to burst from its shackle.

She came hard unleashing a powerful squirting orgasm that soaked her legs and the floor, her legs buckling and in danger of giving way under the extremity of her pleasure.

The door clicked, she couldn’t hear or sense him, every part of her ached in pain and pleasure. She tried to compose herself taking long deep breaths through her nose, sucking in oxygen to revive her spent body.

The door clicked, again she sensed him in front of her. She felt the clamp on each nipple tightening incrementally and raising her arousal once more. He tightened the clit clamp, it was painful but excitable, she loved it, she wanted to be freed so she could just fuck him and be his subservient woman.

WHACK! The cane struck once more, again she orgasmed just as hard as the first time, droplets of her clear fluid clinging to her naked legs and pussy lips, her legs trembling.

The door closed with a click.

Part 2 soon

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