The Writers Toy; Part 3

He slept restlessly for a short while, the ringtone from his phone and thoughts of Heather resonating through his mind not allowing him to sleep as soundly as he would like. He rolled from the bed and grabbed his dressing gown and went to check his phone which was now dead due to the incessant ringing earlier that afternoon.

He plugged it on to charge and waited for the charging bars to appear before accessing his voicemail.

“Answer the phone you ignorant prick” The voice of his publisher through the speaker obnoxiously loud.

“Call me back as soon as fucking possible, need to talk to you urgently”

“Oh here we go” He thought as he hit the redial key.

“Where the fuck have you been? I’ve called about 30 times, right shut up listen, don’t speak” Ranted the publisher

“Proofing are on it at the moment, nothing they can’t handle themselves and from what I’ve read its fucking brilliant so I want to get it out asap and start marketing it straight away. You know, build it up, get the fuckers wet before they even read it”

“Good with me” He responded

“Right so next time I call, you fucking answer” Abruptly interrupting him, then with that she hung the phone up.

He text Heather to say Hi and she immediately text back, their text conversation centred around the publishers call and the fact she was a pain in the ass, rude and overweight, having said that she was good and could certainly sell books by the thousands.

It was Heathers next text that cleared the Elephant from the room.

“So today, you know, could we do it again?”

His cock stood immediately to attention, his balls tightened as his brain processed the words on his screen before him.

“Err yes definitely, I would love to” He replied

“Cool, see you tomorrow then?”

“Yes, yes, yes”

And then she was gone, his mind whirled; loins ached and couldn’t wait for tomorrow to arrive.

Heather pulled up in front of the cabin just after midday, he had slept well but had not long been up and dressed but he felt fresh in the rising warmth of the day. Walking out to meet her she stepped out of the car wearing a different short summer dress that accentuated her fine body.

She flung her arms around his neck and lifted her leg to hook the back of his knee, drawing him closer as she kissed him firmly on the lips. He responded instantly as the pair embarked on a hard passionate first kiss, their tongues entwined as their hug tightened

She could feel his hardness pressing in to her abdomen and he blushed as he broke off to apologise.

“Oh don’t be silly, come on lets go for a walk” She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the path that lead into the woods.

They walked and giggled as they teased each other whilst jostling for prime position on the path as they traversed the hillside along the windy trail. The tall Pines provided shade in the rising heat and the smell; oh the smell in the air was sweet and served only to further feed their giddy behaviour.

They reached the top in no time at all, the views were incredible, he had been here himself but she grabbed his arm and lead him through a narrow gap in the trees which opened out to an out crop of rock with a sheer steep face behind it.

He marvelled at the view, the expansive ravine below, the contours of the trees and rocks laid out before him, the sound of the wildlife, Heather on her knees in front of him, the cloudless sky, the sun illuminating all before it.

“Heather on her knees in front of him’wtf” His eyes caught the top of Heathers head kneeling in front of him.

She had dropped to her knees in front of him as he had surveyed the view. Her hands now placed on his hips as she tugged at the waistband on his shorts; her eyes in direct line with the enormous swelling in his pants. He didn’t speak for fear of her breaking away, her eyes never left his crotch. She slid his shorts over his hips they hooking on his erect cock as she pulled. Her mouth opened slightly, her tongue peeking out from her lips, his cock finally releasing its grab on his clothing as she freed it from its captivity.

He stood half naked, cock hard and swollen, shorts around his ankles and this gorgeous girl on her knees with her mouth inches from the head of his cock. She looked up at him, her round eyes piercing his own as she leant forward to take him in to her mouth. He expected her to tease him delicately, but her head continued to move forward as her throat devoured his entire length, her nose nestled in his short trimmed pubic hair, her chin pressed against his ball sack as she tried to vacuum even more of his cock into her throat.

She rested her head when she could go no further, he could feel her tongue lapping at the underside of his cock as her saliva drained from her mouth trickling down over his scrotum to his thighs.

Her head withdrew to reveal his saliva streaked erection, without his cock leaving her mouth she plunged her head forward and repeated her ferocious fellatio action several times. He was no novice and his inner animal surfaced to grab her hair in bunches either side of her head allowing her head movements to control his arms.

Suddenly she stopped, her mouthful of cock trying to say something he couldn’t understand, she shook and nodded her head gesturing for him to take over the control of her head.

His hips thrust as his hands pulled her hair to haul her face hard in to his groin, he kept her face buried momentarily before he pushed her away then plundered her throat again with strong physical stokes, saliva spilling from her mouth with each thrust of his cock.

His speed grew and his excitement was growing, he fucked her throat hard, as hard as he had ever fucked anything until with one final thrust and pull of her hair, his balls clenched and unleashed a torrent of sperm into her throat. She gagged slightly as the velocity of his ejaculation and the liquid from his balls slid to her stomach.

He released the grip on her hair, his cock remaining buried in her throat; her hand suddenly leapt up and squeezed the base of his cock denying his blood to recede.

“Uh uh, agnnn” she mumbled through a full mouth of cock.

He paused and grabbed her hair again as he restarted his rhythmic fucking of her face, his insatiable lust for her powering his cock in to her throat; mercilessly driving into her as if she was some toy, his toy, his toy to play with, to do what he liked with.

The sheer thought of her being his toy spasmed through his body as his second load drained from his balls in to her mouth mid-stroke causing cum to spill from her mouth to further stain her saliva covered face. He made sure he was fully empty as he held her face tight against his skin; her eyes gazing up at him as he withdrew his cock to admire her gorgeous cum and saliva covered face.

A moment of pure devilment washed over him as he ran a finger over her sticky face collecting a mixture of juices on the tip, slowly writing the word ‘TOY’ on her forehead.

Her eyes never straying from his face as he helped her to her feet, he kissed her through her sticky mess, his hand travelling down between her legs to explore her delights

Her thighs clamped shut denying him access.

He looked at her puzzled as to why she had stopped him, she kissed him tenderly on the lips and whispered.

“Boyfriends only in there.”

Authors note:

Oh I do love writing this story


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