For Libby

For Libby

As promised x

They returned to their hotel room late and giddy from the evenings event, his bow tie unfastened and hanging either side of his neck, her high heeled shoes in her hand as the door closed with a click behind them.

He tugged at her hand pulling her close, her shoes dropping to the floor as they embraced and embarked on the start of a long lingering kiss. Her hands rose pressing against his chest as his tongue entered her mouth teasing the tip of her own tongue as they explored each other’s mouths with mounting arousal.

His hands slid to her hips as her stocking clad toes dug hard like claws in to the carpet as his touch sent waves of electricity through her body, mouths locked, tongues entwined. His hands moving towards her bottom moving slowly over the smooth material of her gown, resting with each cheek perfectly positioned in his hands as he grabbed harder and pulled her close to him.

The kiss continued, his hands exploring her buttocks as he slowly broke the lock of their lips, turning his attention to slow tongue filled kisses on her neck, her head thrown back to expose more of her skin for him to attack with his mouth as his hands moved from her buttocks to trace his fingers up her spine to the nape of her neck; sending tingles from her head to toes, her moans soft and delicate in pleasure.

His teasing hands located the fasteners on her gown and deftly, nimbly, efficiently opened the back to expose her black bra strap and the top of her matching panties.

Without breaking contact with his lips on her neck he gently lifted the delicate fabric from her shoulders allowing the gown to drop elegantly to her feet, her body exposed baring the black lingerie he had bought her earlier. She looked resplendent as her breasts heaved in their captivity, her hips holding the slight hem of her panties, legs clad in fine hold up stockings, his kiss never moving from her neck, his hands moving back to her hips, turning her around gently to kiss the back of her neck.

She stood facing away from him, head now bowed as he continued kissing her neck with the softest of lips, his hands in search of hers interlocking his fingers as they met; moving them together so her wrists met as he then held  both with one hand and slipped the bow tie from his shirt wrapping it around her wrists binding them tight.

She trembled and gasped as he made her vulnerable to him, his lips never moving from her neck until he spoke.


She looked in to his eyes with a look of query but she did not dare disobey nor did she want him to stop as her arousal coursed through her body.

She knelt gently over the top of her discarded gown, his fingers caressing her hair as she lowered to the floor.

Standing behind her he removed his cummerbund from his waist and without speaking draped it across her face covering her eyes, depriving her of another of her senses. She didn’t speak, her breath wouldn’t allow her to; chest heaving in desire and sheer vulnerability. She had not experienced this before, she did not know where this would lead, part of her didn’t care but he had lit a fire in her that she never wanted to be extinguished.

His touch left her, her senses deprived, she longed to see him, to feel him touch her again; she knew he was there, but where?

He left her for several minutes, she dare not speak for fear of him staying from her any longer, her breathing relaxed into a calm rhythm, her body relaxed and less taught. Then he touched her, her heart raced from his slightest of touches, she couldn’t breath as his fingers traced across her cheeks to her mouth, her lips slightly parted in shock, desire and to aid her rapid breathing.

His fingers traced the outline of her mouth, her head rolled from side to side to elongate his fine sensual touch until he again broke off with no warning.

“Open.” He instructed

She hesitated but obliged as he slid two fingers in to her mouth, her tongue wrapping around them, savouring him in her mouth.

He removed them suddenly and she instinctively closed her mouth.


She again opened her mouth and waited for his fingers to return, they didn’t come, he was still stood in front of her she could hear his breath, smell him, then the sound of his zip and belt being opened alerted her to what he had in mind.

He spoke softly out of the silence.


She pushed her tongue forward past the edge of her lipstick smeared mouth and waited. She didn’t have to wait long as the tip of his erect cock teased the end of her tongue; uncontrollably she searched for more of his erection, her tongue straining her throat muscles as she longed to have him in her mouth.

Again he spoke.”Beg, beg for it!”

He had never spoken to her like this before and was taken aback, her mind in a whirl, body pumping with desire; her clitoris burning in her panties, nipples straining in her bra.

“Please, please can I have it?”

“What? What do you want where?” He retorted

“Your cock in my mouth, I want your cock in my mouth…please!” She begged

He grabbed her hair in a bunch behind her head as he slowly and deliberately slid his cock into her awaiting mouth. Her senses flooded as her tongue tried to wrap around it, her mouth automatically closing, sucking him in to her mouth.

He was gentle with her and didn’t force himself on her too hard, just enough to push her ever expanding boundaries as she struggled to take in his whole length.

His hand pulled at her hair as his stroke increased, she could taste his pre-cum in her mouth and relaxed waiting for his hot load to spill in to her mouth. Her body ached; her hands writhed in their bind, her eyes of no use behind the black veil of his cummerbund.

He withdrew at the point of climax, spilling his hot load in to her mouth and covering her lips as he left her mouth, her tongue revelling in the blast as she licked it from her lips to her eager mouth.

“Good, now stand.” He spoke softly but firmly and helped her to her feet.

They stood in silence as he felt his hands tug at her sodden panties, slowly sliding them to the floor. She felt one stocking then the other roll from her legs; he lifted her calf on each leg rolling them from her feet.

His arms cupped her buttocks and back as he swept her off her feet and laid her on her side on the bed followed by him untying her wrists.

“Don’t move”

She obeyed, as he wrapped a stocking around her left wrist and pulled it hard towards the corner of the bed, tying it off tightly with expert precision. Half on her back with her left hand tied to the bed he calmly walked around the bed and repeated his bondage with her right hand leaving her fully exposed to his will.

She felt his weight on the bottom of the bed, her wrists tender with the binds of her own stockings; she could feel his breath on the inside of her right calf as his hands then pushed her legs wide open to expose her pink pussy lips that glistened with her juices that seeped to her thighs and ass. His lips and tongue sent her body in to raptures as they teased and alternated their way up the insides of both her legs. She longed to be touched, her clitoris burnt like never before, throbbing harder with every touch of her skin.

His breath wisped across her pussy as he rose higher, her orgasm was close.

“Touch me, please touch me.” She gasped as her head and arms thrashed in their binds as her plateau raged.

He stopped, stopped dead in his tracks, he no longer crept towards her needy clitoris but withdrew himself completely. Her head raged with distress, her body ached in disappointment, she wanted to cry out and demand he touched her end her insatiable cravings. He waited until her thrashing subsided and her breath slowed again before returning to her calves to repeat his slow teasing ascent; she knew this time to say nothing.

His breath wisped across her pussy again as she gasped hard and struggled to re-inhale as his tongue flicked across her engorged clitoris. That’s all she needed and the trigger her body had craved to set off the biggest orgasm of her life. It ripped like a wind through autumn leaves, scattering her senses throughout her restrained sight deprived body. Her legs bucked as she tried to clamp his head as his tongue pursued its relentless assault of her rose bud.

He made her cum again and again each time was as devastating as the previous, she had reached a constant state of orgasm and was delirious as her whole body twitched and trembled. He brought her to the point of another climax and sharply withdrew his mouth from between her legs. She could feel him kneel in between her knees as he then placed a hand underneath each knee and lifted them towards her chest as he lowered himself towards her.

She could feel his breath on hers and then he kissed her softly; her pussy tender in its swollen state, she could feel his erection sliding in to her opening, guiding its way in to her sodden slit coming to a stop as it hit her cervix hard to bring her to another instant climax. She yearned to throw her hands around his neck and hold him tight as his thrusts quickened in their ferocity and length as if he was punishing her.

Her body gave in with one final climax as he rocked back on his heels and unloaded his sperm on to her stomach trickling between her legs to mix with her own sticky juices.

Her kissed her again and removed the blindfold from her eyes; she kissed him hard as he reached to unfasten each wrist. Her arms flung around his shoulders relieved from their captivity. Holding him close as her head span, juices mingled their bodies entwined.


Authors Note

Thanks Libby, I enjoyed writing this for you.




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