The Writers Toy; Part 2.

They sat on the swing chair as it rocked gently on the front porch, her complexion beaming in her post orgasmic glow, his head spun with a thousand thoughts; many of them impure after witnessing her masturbating at his side.

“What was that?” He asked.

“I really don’t know, it just came over me, I couldn’t control myself, I’m so sor…”

He interrupted her.

“No don’t apologise please its fine, in fact it’s more than fine it’s, well it’s hot, my mind is spinning with it. I’ve never been so inspired before and seeing you do that has blown my mind”

His phone sounded, the Publisher; he red lined the call after a couple of rings and tried to continue his conversation where he had left off. His phone sounded again. He hated proof reading his work and had hit the send button at almost the same time as Heather had orgasmed.

“Sorry, I need to get this, she won’t leave me alone until I’ve spoken with her”

“It’s ok, I must go anyway” She slipped off the swing landing on both feet with a bounce. “I’ll text you later” She called smiling broadly as she lowered herself in to her car.

He stood transfixed with her beauty, his Publisher was already in full flow in his ear and he hadn’t caught a single word she had spoken.

“Sorry what? Bad signal, can you start again?” Bullshitting his Publisher as he forlornly watched as Heather’s car disappeared along the track.

His heart and sank with the thought he may never see he convinced himself she would be back.

“What the fuck have you just sent me?” Insisted the publisher.“Two days ago you said you were far from finished, today you tell me it’s done! It better not be shit or you’ll be getting it back”

“Look it’s finished, I just found a few moments of inspiration and, well bang, there it was, done”

“Well I hope so” Retorted the Publisher “We haven’t got time for any fuck ups, I’m sending it to be proof read now, I’ll call you when it’s done” With that final comment she hung up the phone.

The day was warm and humid, there was little breeze and the heat of this morning’s encounter with Heather had left him sticky with perspiration and arousal and badly in need of a shower, some sleep but most of all to masturbate. The image of Heather whirled around his head, her smooth creamy thighs; her hand vigorously rubbing at her clitoris as he had penned his words.

He was hard before he even got in the shower, the warm water hit his chest, cascading to the floor, his eyes closed, his head thrown back as his hand stroked his hard cock in time to the image of her in his head. He knew himself he wouldn’t last long, she was all too much for him as his eyes opened and his head moved forward to watch the first of many strings of hot cum leave his dick and splatter against the stone tiled wall. Again, had he had done the night in the hotel room he had imagined her taking his load on to her face and tits, sliding to her navel and beyond. His left leg buckled and he grabbed at the rail to stop himself falling from the power of his ejaculation.

He washed his hair in a daze; his muscles resonated as his nerves relaxed. The soap from his hair running down his body; over his chest; over his cock that had not yet shown much sign of wilting in his state of arousal.

She flooded his mind once more as he took hold of his cock again beating it back to its full hardness with firm vigorous strokes, his hand tight around his member urging his second orgasm forward; imagining her open mouth waiting eagerly to take his semen.

“Fuuuck” The image was too much as he fired another load towards the tiled wall both his legs wobbling under the extremity of his pleasure, his hand reaching for the window ledge to maintain his balance, oh how he wished it was in her mouth.

He finished his shower to the sound of his phone ringing, he dashed through the cabin slipping several times in anticipation it might be Heather. It wasn’t, it was the Publisher.

“Oh fuck it…I’ll call her back later” He thought disappointed it wasn’t Heather and went to lie down on his bed, head still spinning and the phone still fucking RINGING!

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