Gym Buddies…Part 3

Her gaze lifted from his cock and travelled up his lithe body slowly to his head still held backwards to rinse the soap from his hair. As she stood motionless his head moved forward and he caught her eyes staring directly in to his. His mouth opening to start to speak in complete surprise at this beauty facing him naked in the shower, her body only covered with the shortest of towels.

With lightning reaction she moved her finger to her lips signalling him to be quiet; he responded with saying not a word but continued his gaze into her eyes.

The steam continued to bellow from the shower heads, the three other men oblivious to her presence with their backs still turned away. She kept her finger to her now pursed lips and silently like the lioness she was approached him in assured smooth movements. Her free hand releasing its bind on her breasts as she lowered herself to her knees in front of his glorious cock which stiffened in slow increments holding steady at an angle that pointed to her lips.

She paused and looked up, still with her finger on her lips, he obeyed, not a sound came from his mouth; his eyes fixed on hers as she lowered her finger away away from her mouth and grabbed at the thick shaft that he presented in front of her. She began to stroked with thumb and forefinger wrapped tightly around it in long slow deliberate strokes, never removing her gaze from his.

She continued to stroke, up and down until he was fully, painfully erect and still the other three men were unaware of her sharing their space. Her mouth opened, her tongue slithering to meet the eye of his cock, then slowly, deliberately inching him into her mouth. Steam and water flowed from her face, her nipples hard with pleasure; her pussy juices streaming from her.

Taking him deep into her throat, his balls rubbed against her chin as she clamped him in tight, her mouth pulsating around his shaft, tongue savouring every inch. His hips bucked and she guessed he was close, she also guessed he wouldn’t have been expecting the surprise of her sucking him off in the shower.

She reached her left hand and gently squeezed his balls, feeling the weight of their load building within, she toyed with them like marbles in her hand, rotating their weight across her fingers. His hips bucked hard and he thrust his cock uncontrollably in to her mouth gushing a wave of sperm that filled her cheeks. She did not spill or swallow as he let out a moan that alerted the attention of the other men making them turn to witness his cock withdrawing from her cum filled mouth.

The men as one sounded their mutual surprise, she turned to look at them all as they stood motionless in a line; a line of stiffening cocks as the admired her nakedness. With her mouth full of cum, she again raised her finger to her lips, but rather than pursing them, she opened them slightly and allowed the cum to roll forth; letting it slide over chin to her naked chest to be washed away by the water still cascading down from the showers.

The men did not reply, her mind and body revelled in arousal as she watched their cocks stiffen at different speeds, different angles and different sizes. The white load now drained from her mouth, she stood in the haze of the steam and rinsed her mouth in the shower, spitting the wash to the floor.

Without speaking she left the shower area, the men tentatively followed her, she grabbed a towel from a hanger and lay it length ways on the linoleum flooring, the men gathered as a group between the showers and changing area, three cocks hard, one flaccid and empty. She admired the me looking them up and down she measured their cocks in her mind weighing them up as she decided what she would have them do to her.

She walked calmly without saying a word and grabbed the middle man by his erection as if it were a handle and led him to the towel.

“Lie down” she ordered, he duly responded, lying full length on the floor his head nearest to his friends. She looked him up and down, his body taught, beginning to goose pimple with the temperature change, his cock protruding proudly from his loins.

Lifting her leg over him, she stood straddling him facing the group, breasts full, nipples powerfully erect as she began to squat her sopping pussy towards his cock. Slowly, slowly, until her labia brushed the head of his erection.

She held her position at this precise point, hours of gym work left her supple and strong.

Her eyes weighed up the two remaining erections.

“You…here” Pointing to space above his friends head just in front of her face.

“You…behind” Gesturing to the remaining hard on.

“You…jerk off…I want another from you!” Ordering the man whose load she so expertly taken in her mouth only minutes earlier.

Her pussy slowly engulfed the cock in-between her legs; slowly sliding it deep in to her silky wet depths, she leant forward to take the man at the front in her mouth leaving her asshole exposed to the man stood behind her.

He needed no invitation and she could feel the pressure on her anus as he tried nudging the head of his cock inside her, the pressure grew as he pushed harder breaking her seal and entering her. The initial pain eased by the cock in her mouth now gagging her as she lurched forward; she rocked in rhythm with the men’s thrusts; roasted from front and back using the cock in her vagina as a pivot, the way a see-saw rocks back and to. Her first orgasm raged through her body as she was stretched in her orifices, her moans muffled by the cock in her mouth as the men increased their pounding of her in unison as all four of them rocked faster and faster.

Another orgasm ripped through her and it refused to fade, she was at constant plateau as the men ripped into her. The man in her mouth broke rhythm first as he became erratic and she waited, no longed; for the blast of cum, the salty taste, the heat, the surprise of his nut that would soon fill her mouth.

She didn’t have to wait long as the sensation she craved soon arrived, she revelled in the power she had over them. He withdrew and she swallowed his semen, savouring the way the liquid felt as it slid down her throat.

She beckoned the man she had ordered to jerk back to her mouth, he had been busy beating himself back to full hardness, which hadn’t taken much given the display in front of him. She knew one grab of his balls would set him off as she vacuumed his cock in to her mouth.

Her ass pounder hammered away and released his shattering orgasm with a loud groan that she could feel escape from her sending her in to the biggest orgasm she could ever remember. The man underneath had no option but to ejaculate as her pussy contracted so hard it squeezed the cock from his balls. Semen flowed freely from between her legs as the two men receded from her holes. With a nimble grab and flick of her now trembling hand she brought the cock in her mouth to its second climax of the night.

Drained and dripping with cum, the men’s expressions agog and again without speaking stood away as she raised herself to her feet, licking her lips to ensure she had missed none of the cum she so loved to enjoy.

She looked at the men, cocks shrivelled from use, bewildered yet satisfied looks on their faces as she addressed them…

“I think we could all do with a shower, don’t you?”

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