For Heather; Epilogue. The Agreement.

Several weeks later her phone sounded, it was Luke.

You’ve got a fucking nerve texting me” She replied, however she did agree to meet with him several nights later.

Luke apologised again for the night in the Lodge, Ryan had totally disappeared and no-one had heard from him, no-one really cared either.

She sat in Luke’s kitchen sipping on the large red wine he had insisted on giving her, she was concerned that he may have dropped something in it but he reassured her by drinking half of each glass and a mouthful from the bottle. This relaxed her and smiled almost giggling, her relaxed mind wandered briefly and memories of his; beer can’ cock flooded her senses. She remembers how it stretched her asshole further than ever and she re-lived him desperately trying to push his huge member through the cock ring whilst her tongue lapped at the tip as he filled her mouth with his orgasm.

“Shame you couldn’t fit through that ring” She blurted, her cock filled mind over riding her mouth. She instantly turned red in embarrassment.

Luke looked back at her with a shocked expression. “Funny that, was just thinking the same thing, can’t believe they bought a trainer gag” He replied, obviously mocking the other men’s size; she giggled again trying to find the words to respond.

He reached in to a bag on the counter top.

“That’s why I bought this” proudly showing off a different spider gag in his hand.

She was shocked but incredibly turned on “I suppose you want me to put that on do you?”

“Well I was kinda hoping you would, I want to see if my cock will fit as tightly in your throat as it did in your ass”

Her pussy throbbed violently, her nipples instantly erect as his words shot through her and she struggled to respond.

“I have an offer for you” He said.

“You wear this every night and let me throat fuck you for a month and I’ll sign over Luke’s share of the business to you”

She sat motionless in shock at the offer, the proposition, the sheer fucking nerve of him!

“So, let me get this right, I let you face fuck me for a month and I get Luke’s share of the business?” Her thoughts sifted through her head pondering the parameters of the  agreement before making her decision.

Without a word, she slipped off the stool and slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of Luke.

“Put it on”

Luke fastened the gag to her face, the ring opening her oral orifice much wider than the last one, her jaw aching with its stretch.

He was hardening in his pants as he unzipped and offered his cock to her captive mouth, she had no option but to relax as much as she could and wait for her throat to be pounded as he had done to her asshole previously. He didn’t disappoint, grabbing her hair hard, forcing himself repeatedly in to her throat as his first orgasm filled her open mouth with cum.

His pounding didn’t relent as his cum and her saliva ran from her mouth across her chin and into her cleavage, she could feel how it trickled between her breasts before coming to a stop in her shirt.

Luke stayed hard and pounded away at her face, balls slapping at her chin until he came again.

This continued every night for a whole calendar month, he would brutally use her mouth until he had emptied his balls in to her twice, never softening in between orgasms. On the final night he repeated that night in the lodge and took her in the ass, it was her request, she thought he would have insisted on it sooner but she couldn’t part ways without feeling him stretch her again.

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  1. Wish is was in parts, but loved it! Also loved how Ryan just disappeared and no one cared. Beth is going to love this.;)


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