For Heather, part 4.

The room went dark as Ryan switched the lights off as he left the room, negating one of her senses, the tape between her legs pulled at her labia every time she moved her knees that were sore from kneeling on the floor, her forehead level with the front of the toilet bowl, spider gag biting in to her mouth.

It felt like she had been there hours, in fact it was only a matter of minutes before her eyes were blinded by the ceiling light being turned on, shocking her eyes in to closing tight. She tried to focus in the abruptness of the light, her eyes squinting to see who had entered the room.

The toilet seat was placed down as she realised this was Mike, naked from the waist down sporting a stiff thick cock nestled in a froth of black pubic hair. He threw one leg over her head and sat on the toilet seat, his raging erection inches from her face. She didn’t know what to think or how to react, but she knew what was about to happen. Without saying a word he grabbed her hair hard and dragged her open mouth towards his cock, she had no resistance, the gag held her mouth wide open, his grip too strong to resist.

His cock entered her mouth, she could feel the shape of his cock on her tongue as he showed no mercy in forcing her head down, taking his shaft deep into her throat. His hips still, controlling his own arousal with the grip of her hair forcing her head up and down, pausing the tip on the gag ring before forcefully smashing himself full length in to her throat so her face mingled in his pubes.

She was no prude, but this was a new experience for her and despite her early protestations her body was starting to react, her pussy tingled, nipples stirring. Was she starting to enjoy this?

He continued the control of her head and throat until she noticed he was bucking his hips, was he going to cum in her open mouth? Her pussy tried to leak through the tape that held it tight, she was incredibly turned on; She loved cum. His hips bucked hard as his pelvis thrust his cock in to her gag restricted mouth; with one final powerful thrust he exploded a wave of cum in to her throat. She couldn’t close her mouth but tried to relax her throat to let the load slide to her stomach. He offered several smaller thrusts as his balls drained into her mouth slowly withdrawing his cock past the gang ring. He grabbed the base of his softening cock the slapped each cheek leaving droplets of his semen on her face.

He stood up and stood beside her, he roughly grabbed at her hair and forced her head in to the toilet bowl, with the other hand he pressed the cistern button to flush the toilet, water splashed her face and soaked the ends of her straggling hair. He released his grip allowing her to gasp through the open ring in her mouth. Without saying a word heleft the room and as Ryan had done turned out the light.

She knelt in darkness, her face wet, the taste of Mikes cum lodged in her throat, her nipples achingly hard, pussy swollen in its constricted state.

The light came on again, her eyes more accustom to the change now, it was James, again naked from the waist, his circumcised dick hard, cleanly shaven his balls hugging the bottom of his shaft. He stood behind her his shadow on the wall casting a silhouette of his erection, she felt a splat in her ass crack, then another. She realised this was his saliva as he dripped it from his mouth into her crack. The liquid crept downward over her asshole, tickling her as it slid over her hole making her pulsate.


James’ hand caught her buttock with a mighty slap that made her wince as he lowered himself to his knees, again another blow to her ass.

He placed his hands on each cheek parting them, spreading them wide to expose her hole, her pussy pounded. She felt pressure on her ass hole and then a probing finger broke her seal as he entered her, the saliva nowhere near sufficient, she winced in pain, but bucked her spine in pleasure. James’ finger blasted her with increasing speed; “Shit I am going to cum” she thought.

James’s finger slid away, she was disappointed but was delighted to feel his cock nudging at her tightness, She willed him to put it in, to fuck her arse let her have that orgasm, make her cum hard. He slammed in to her repeatedly; the pain was immeasurable but was outweighed by the pleasure as his fingers dug into her ass cheeks, cock drilling away. She felt him throb as he buried himself for the last time emptying himself deep into her passage, his cum following his cock out of her arse as he withdrew.

The tape on her pussy was sodden and losing its grip, she ached to touch herself or be touched, just one touch of her engorged clitoris and she knew she would explode. James stood above her, moving to the side he grabbed her hair and just as Mike did, flushed her head in the bowl, there was definitely a pattern forming. Before James left, he knelt down behind her and in one painful rip removed the tape, the adhesive tore at her pubic hair, labia and swollen clit. She burst a tidal wave of fluid from her vagina, clear fluid spraying the floor and her thighs. “Fuuuuuuuck” she shuddered almost collapsing to the floor. James left and the light was again turned off, but was soon back on as Ryan entered the room. He knelt behind her with a towel and cleaned up between her legs drying her juices from her skin, she thought that was it until he tore another strip of tape and again sticking her pussy lips together.

The light went out again and she waited in full knowledge that it would soon be back on.

The door opened but the light stayed off, she couldn’t see who it was but whoever he was he was rough and huge! She only felt a brief touch on her ass cheeks before intense pressure on her asshole caused her to yelp, fuck this guy was big, it was like a beer can and she genuinely thought he was going to rip her in two. Her anus stretched wider than ever before, wider than she thought possible as he crept into her back passage slowly building to a rhythm that she could relax in to and enjoy through the intense pain.

Everything throbbed, she was in permanent orgasm, her head span in delirium, she rocked back on the monster cock stretching herself wider, trying to suck him deeper. He fired one huge thrust that made her yelp then withdrew; everything was on fire, her whole nervous system high on arousal and adrenaline. Her ass gaped as he withdrew from her, he had not cum himself and she found this strange; that curiosity didn’t last long as he grabbed her hair tilting her face towards his cock. The boys hadn’t done their research on the cock ring; one of them couldn’t fit through it, just the tip of his cock pushed into her mouth, the pressure of him pushing against it pressing the harness hard into her face.

She flicked her tongue to lick the eye of his cock, he was jerking and she quickened the speed of her flickering tongue to match his hand, she wanted his cum and he duly obliged filling her mouth, she tried to swallow but could not close her mouth her tilted head allowed the cum to run from her mouth across her cheek, before dripping to the floor.

She knew what was next; hair, head, and toilet; her open mouth dripped cum and saliva over her lips and chin before dripping in to the toilet bowl as he; as the other men had done flushed the water over her head. Her body had given up, she was numb in pleasure and pain and she wanted to be touched, her clitoris burnt, ached, throbbed to be part of this assault. She had deduced that ‘Mr Big Cock’ was Luke, it certainly wasn’t Ryan’s cock, her thoughts suddenly interrupted by the ripping of the tape from between her legs causing her another violent gushing squirt.

He left the room as he had entered in darkness, the door closed and her senses were stunned when the light again flicked on; it was Ryan, he had come to clean her up and replace the tape but this time did not leave, he too was naked from the waist down.

“Come on then, a bets a bet” All four men were now in the room, all naked from the waist down and erect.

“Sit down and face fuck her while you watch us all take her in the ass”

“I am going to fucking kill him when this is over, he’s fucking put me up as a bet” Her voice raging in anger in her head.

She resented the fact that the spider gag wouldn’t allow her to bite his ‘fucking dick’ off but her mind was distracted as her ass was penetrated again, no lube, straight in hard, deep and pounding at her like a steam hammer. She took the pounding as Ryan’s hands controlled her head as she bobbed his cock, he easily fit through the ring and she was able to take him in to her throat.

The cock in the ass withdrew and she felt a spray of warm cum land on her bare back; Mmm she loved that, her pussy juices dripped around the tape as each droplet rained down. Her mmm moment didn’t last long as another cock replaced the last, again hard, fast, pounding, fingers grabbing, clawing at her cheeks, smashing his cock in to her and again the rain of cum moments later.

She wasn’t sure if Ryan was enjoying being cuckolded by his best friends and she made a conscious effort to put more effort in to thrusting her ass towards her anal invaders than she was with is cock.

The third cock, ‘the beer can’ fuck she had already given them nicknames plunged in to her hard, she revelled in its girth as it stretched her wide open, this was the cock that couldn’t fit through the cock ring that Ryan was now sliding through with ease She had almost forgot about him, the pain and pleasure from her ass leaked again from her pussy, she wanted him in there too, she wanted to rip the fucking gag off and take him in her throat, if it would fit! His merciless pounding quickened and he withdrew firing droplets of his cum in to the cheeks of her ass, running down to meet her own juices and of course the tape.

All three had destroyed her ass whilst Ryan had watched, she wasn’t sure if he was enjoying the throat fuck but was told to stop by Luke.

Ryan knew his next task, he pushed her head back and removed his cock from her mouth, stood up and went to grab the tape from between her legs, he pulled with a sharp tug, she wouldn’t need waxing for a while after this night as the tape again produced a third squirt. Ryan went to grab his towel.

“Ah ah aaah, no clean up remember” All three men spoke at once

He positioned himself behind her, she could feel his embarrassment, her ass was gaped wide by his friends cocks, their cum splattered over her back, her new dress, her ass cheeks, her face run with makeup, toilet water in her hair, streaks of cum staining her pretty face. Ryans cock entered her swollen pussy; her clit reacted with a dull orgasm that couldn’t compare to the three previous squirts. Ryan wanted this over quickly, he had to look at the damage his friends had done to her whilst fucking her, his thrusts short and rapid and she knew he was close and gave him a backward thrust with her ass to end his ordeal as he blew his load deep into her.

Last one Ryan” Luke said, pointing to the toilet. Ryan grabbed her head and flushed it in the bowl as the others had done and with that he left the room hustling past his three friends.

All the men now left the room, but the light stayed on, it was only a couple of minutes later when Luke returned, this time fully clothed. He wrapped her in a large towel and removed the gag and cuffs. Her jaw ached, knees sore, everything else ached she was angry, delirious, relieved, emotionally, physically and sexually drained.

Luke helped her to her feet and walked her upstairs; Ryan was nowhere to be seen.

In her room laid out on the bed were notes from three of the men and gifts. She viewed these with distain and didn’t care what was in them. She ran a hot bath and soaked her aching parts glugging at the bottle of wine from earlier. She dressed in a robe and lay on the bed trying to work out what the fuck happened.

Luke knocked on the door and asked to come in. He was softly spoken and explained that they were sorry but they had to teach Ryan a lesson, he has taken the piss out her, them and business colleagues for a long time and when he had put her up for a bet at their last boys weekend they had held him to it.

“Where is he? She asked

“He’s gone, but we will get you home safely, is there anything I can get you?”

“No…no thanks”



I’m exhausted, thank you for letting me write it…x



3 thoughts on “For Heather, part 4.

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  1. Spot on but my ex didn’t fuck my pussy, but overall it was pretty perfect! I couldn’t get past Luke part without cumming a couple of times.
    I’m relaxing now at home with my toy and red wine. Thank you so much again. I wish I could thank you with how I told you.
    This was one of my most wildest nights, but that just the start of it. 😉


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