For Heather, part 3

“What do you mean you have something you need to tell me?…Wake up you dickhead…WAKE UP!”

Ryan didn’t stir, the only audible sound from his lips were the beginnings of his drunken snoring.

“Twat!” she huffed, rolling on to her side moving to find a dry spot on the bedding, not long soaked with her incredible squirting orgasm.

She dropped off to sleep quickly, it had been a long day and she put Ryan’s drunken ramblings out of her head.

She woke late the next morning, almost midday, Ryan was till snoring next to her and she gave him a hard dig in the ribs with her elbow waking him with a jolt.

“Well come on, what do you need to tell me?”

Ryan was in a disorientated state, hung over and startled from being woken abruptly by her elbow.

“What the fuck was that for?”

“Because you’re a TWAT!” she snapped “Now what do you need to tell me?”

“Oh it’s nothing really, honest, just that we normally get someone in when we have our poker nights, you know, get us some drinks do a bit of food, that stuff. But our usual gir….person can’t make it this weekend”

“What fucking girl?”

“Oh we just use and agency, they normally send us a girl, don’t think they have that many men working for them”

She strongly suspected he was bull shitting her, but he flashed one of his smiles and winks and she melted as he tried to roll on top of her. She could feel his cock hardening against her leg. She almost reached for it until she caught his breath in her nostrils.

“Oooo you fucking stink, get off” Pushing him away, Ryan rolled off disgruntled, his morning horn blocked in its tracks, she got out of bed and went to the toilet, cleaned her teeth and got dressed in to her bikini.

The sight of her in her bikini did nothing to abate Ryan’s horniness, she was stunning no matter what she wore, but the bikini was something else, firm full breasts straining at the cloth straps, ass cheeks pert and perfectly rounded.

“I’m going for a swim” she told him, cheekily cupping her breasts, jiggling them and pushing them together with a seductive smile, knowing full well he’d be jerking off soon as she left the room.

The water was cold, but refreshing; it cleared her mind as she ploughed through the ripples spending well over an hour completing various strokes, stopping occasionally to tread water to admire the tranquil scenery.

She left the lake wrapped in a towel and walked back to the lodge, all four men were sat on the porch, already with glasses of scotch in their hands.

“Afternoon Heather” Spoke James, “Looking forward to later?” he enquired with a wry smile, all the men looking at her waiting for a response.

“Yeah whatever, dickheads” she retorted

“Oh your Moms rang about 20 times, can you call her back” noted Ryan

“Yeah will do…see you later fuckwits” addressing the group and giving them an extra ass wiggle as she walked in to the hallway.

’12 Missed Calls – Mom’ “Jeez” She thought, thinking something was wrong she face timed her Mom and soon wished she hadn’t, nothing important but her Mom insisted on her showing her the lake and lodge. Two hours later she finally ended the call.

The Poker was due to start at six o clock, it was now four. Ryan was sleeping off last night’s hangover which he had topped up with several large shots of scotch that only proceeded to knock him out for the afternoon.

She fit him in the ribs again with her fist.

“Wakey wakey dickhead”

“For fucks sake, stop doing that” He snapped, again grumpy at being woken abruptly for the second time that day.

“Right, what do you want me to do later?”

“Err, well there’s some food in the fridge that just needs warming up, drinks, ice, you know and if you could just bring them to the ta..”

“Fucking table service? You having a fucking joke” She fired back at him with venom

“Please babe, pleeeaaase” He pleaded

“Oh for fucks sake, yes ok, but this shit is going to cost you big time”

“Thanks babe, there’s just another thing too” Ryan rolled himself off the bed and walked to the closet and brought out a gift bag.

“I got you something; you could wear it tonight I thought”

She opened the bag and brought out a silk red dress, the colour complimented her hair as she held it to her chest. It was lovely, gorgeous in fact, but there wasn’t a great deal of it.

“Oh Ryan, its lovely, where’s the rest of it” she joked. “Ok I’ll wear it, but you still owe me”

Her phone rang again; it was her best friend Megan. Ryan announced he was off to get ready and would see her down stairs in a while. She ignored him as her conversation with Megan started at its usual frenetic pace. Their conversations usually consisted of who was shagging who, who had split up and lots of sex tales. They could spend hours, days, weeks talking, but she was aware she had to be down stairs quite soon.

“Ok, call you tomorrow, tell you what happened, love ya”

She ended the call after half an hour and went to shower.

She dried and blow dried her hair and found lipstick and makeup to match her dress, she had limited underwear with her and as she tried the dress on no matter which set or how skimpy they were they would leave a visible panty line.

“Oh well, no panties it is then” She thought, her breasts needed no support either as she slid the dress on for the final time.

Her red hair, dress and makeup glowed in the mirror as she pirouetted from toe to toe to view herself. There really wasn’t much of the dress, but it was gorgeous, her breasts displaying a tantalising cleavage line, the material just covering her Areola on each breast, her nipples prominent just below the material line. The dress wasn’t much longer in the length, barely covering her ass cheeks, covering only as far as the crease where her buttock met her thighs.“Better not bend over too far” she thought to herself and glugged the remainder of her wine from the glass.

“Heather, we wondered when you were coming down” spoke Mike

She looked a picture of beauty when she entered the room, she felt good and looked amazing, her moment sharply ruined by Ryan’s interruption.

“Foods in the kitchen babes”

“Dick!” she mumbled and went to prepare whatever they had left her. It was easy enough, ten minutes in the oven, done. She couldn’t understand why they would pay anyone for this. She took the food through to the table where the group were starting their poker game. They often played for high stakes, dares, business deals, whatever took their fancy or how drunk they were.

She leant over the table to place the trays down, she could feel the dress ride up on to her ass cheeks, the soft silk material gliding effortlessly over her smooth cheeks, there was nothing she could do and the men paid her no attention.

It felt like she had spent the night to-ing and fro-ing from the kitchen, serving nibbles and drinks like a high class waitress. The only benefit was the large stock of wine which she freely helped herself to each time she returned.

She was feeling squiffy, the night drew on and the boys were becoming giddy and loud and she desperately needed to go to the toilet. She sat and relieved herself, wiped and stood up to open the door. As she opened it Ryan came through it at the same time.

“Oh hi” He kissed her passionately and she responded, is hand delving straight between her legs, fumbling as she reached to grab at his cock through his trousers. He broke their passionate embrace and grabbed her waist spinning her round to face the toilet pulling her hands behind her, she fully expected him to take her hard and rough from behind.


She felt a cold steel bind grabbing at her wrist, a sound resembling a metal chain as he grabbed her other hand tight.

“Ryan you fucking wanker, what are you fucking doing?”

“Sorry babes, I’ll explain, honest but I need you to do this”

Her deftly flicked a thin metal chain around the back of the toilet cistern and clasped her other wrist in a handcuff.

“Ryan fucking let me go now!” she screamed.

Without a word he left the bathroom

She was chained facing towards the toilet, she expected him to come back but he did not return for several minutes. The door opened and it was him carrying the case from the garage.

“What the fuck is in that?”

“It’s ok babes, we aren’t going to kill you or anything”

She wrestled with the chain to no avail; he opened the case and she could see a variety of sex toys, gags, tape, rope, clamps.

He stood behind her and lifted her dress over her waist, taking the tape from the case he tore off a strip roughly six inches long. Placing his feet between hers he spread her legs as wide as he could. She could feel him rummaging between her legs and suddenly became aware of what the tape was for. With a slap he placed it over her pussy, it felt so uncomfortable but strangely erotic as the adhesive bound her pussy lips together and bit in to her ginger pubic hair.

As much as she remonstrated with Ryan, he did not respond and returned his attention to the case. He took out a leather and steel spider gag and placed it in her mouth, she felt like a horse having its bit placed in its mouth, she was becoming more and more aware of what might be coming her way, her struggles were useless as he fastened the harness behind her hair.

With that he left the room…


Part 4 to be released midnight UK time x


Authors note:

I’ve had to go for several cold showers to keep my focus, such a hot story to write for you x


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  1. 😉
    Yum. This is how it pretty much happened. I’m at work but this has made my day. I can’t wait for part 4.


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