The Writers Toy, part 1

They had met by accident, a chance meeting and they connected from the first moment that they had spoken in the Bar and Grill just outside of town. He was on his first trip to the country, his writing had taken off and he had just completed a deal that made him more than financially secure for the rest of his life.

He hadn’t much left at home, a broken relationship, unrewarding job, but he did have a close knit circle of friends that he would miss dearly but would visit when his new schedule allowed.

He had finished his dinner, ribs with all the trimmings and was just finishing his drink when in she walked. Tight pale blue jeans that hugged her curvaceous legs and hips, her stomach flat and tanned, over shadowed by a tight white t-shirt heaving with her full rounded breasts.

He almost missed his mouth with his drink as her stared at her mesmerised by her beauty as she walked past paying him no heed, her heels clicked on the hard floor tiles in rhythmic time with her movement. She truly was one of the most stunning things he had ever seen.

The sound of her heels on the floor stopped suddenly before she reached the bar, swivelling her head looking at him, “You’re that writer, aren’t you?” she enquired.

He looked at her and mumbled “Yes”

“Oh my god, I’ve read all your work, I love it, it really gets to me”

With that she sat opposite him in the booth.

“Is it ok if I sit with you? I’m meeting someone but he’s not here yet” She spoke softly with a cute country accent and as they looked directly in to each other’s eyes, that’s where the connection started. There was a pause as they stared at each other as if somehow their eyes allowed them access to each other’s souls.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked

“Yes please, just a Coke, I’m driving”

He beckoned the waitress over and ordered two more drinks, their gaze never wandering far from each other.

He was older than her quite clearly and he quickly worked out she was mid to late twenties and he was late forties. His once sports addicted body had slipped through the rigours of time, endless late nights, alcohol, mixed diet and poor life choices. He did though consider himself medium range handsome, not stunning on a level that she was but he could hold his own and referred to his looks as Richard Gere’s lesser cousin. He was though a Gentleman, casually smart dress style with impeccable manners to match.

They chatted and she tried to enquire about his new book that he was contracted to complete in the next few months. He couldn’t reveal too much her but he teased her with snippets that wouldn’t give away the plot line or characters. She continually checked her watch and the door, it was quite apparent she was being stood up by whomever she was meeting.

“Another drink?” He asked

“I really shouldn’t, but yes please go on, thank you” She spoke softly and politely, he liked this, he was always brought up to value that manners cost nothing and these further endeared him to her personality as well as her stunning beauty.

They chatted for another half an hour or so, the conversation had become flirtier as he relaxed with the alcohol he was drinking.

“Where are you staying?” She asked

“Oh I’m in the hotel across the road, I get my new place tomorrow, when the cheque clears”

“Is it local, are you staying around here?”

“Yes not far, it’s down by the river”

“What the big river, near the Park?”

“Yes but it’s at the far end, away from any noise and distractions, I’ve bought it as my writing cabin”

“Oh wow, you’re so lucky, it’s beautiful down there, we used to play there when we were younger”

He seized his chance and put any thought of being knocked back out of his mind.

“You are welcome to come and see it if you like”

“REALLY…OMG!” she exclaimed, her voice full of excitement “You mean it?”

“Yes of course, anytime”

“Do you want my number?” she took a pen from her purse and wrote the digits of her mobile and her name ‘Heather’ on the chequered napkin and slid it across the table.

“Thank you, would you like mine?”

“Yes please.” She offered him the pen and he handed over his number in return. “Please don’t give it out, I’m on a tight schedule and don’t need too much disturbances or I’ll end up falling further behind”

“I promise” She replied and leant over the narrow table and placed a soft lingering kiss on his left cheek, leaving an outline of her lips in pink lipstick on his stubbled cheek.

With that she stood up and turned to walk to the door.

“See you soon.” Tilting her head allowing her long hair to float over her shoulder as she did so.

He couldn’t believe it and tucked the napkin with her details on safely in his jacket pocket. It was getting late and the bar was closing but persuaded the waitress to serve him one more stiff drink to settle his head and the dull ache in his groin.

He left the bar and returned to the hotel; closing the door to his room behind him he sat on his bed and kicked off his shoes. He paused and reached in to his bag for his tablet, he was aroused; she had set a fire in him that needed to be extinguished. Logging in to several porn sites he searched for an actress that matched Heather’s looks. He found one similar and expanded the screen player to full view as he started to undress himself, his cock three quarters erect in readiness for relief.

He slid on the covers placing the tablet between his knees and started the video of the girl slowly masturbating. He touched himself, trying to mirror the actresses speed, his cock now fully erect, head shining with pre cum in the glow of the tablet. He grabbed his shaft and stroked the full length from tip to base, increasing his speed with the cries of the actress on screen, his other gently caressing his balls..

He imagined watching Heather masturbating in front of him and the thought was too much as his balls contracted, his cock throbbed powerfully as he erupted with a moan sending huge streams of hot white cum on to his stomach, legs and bed sheets. His cocked throbbed and wept a final tear of sperm as the remains of his orgasm subsided.

He quickly cleaned up and his thoughts wandered to seeing Heather being covered in his cum, shooting it all over her, watching it drip from her face and breasts, it almost inspired him to go again, but it was late and a full day ahead of him in the morning.

The next morning he woke early and ate breakfast whilst his head spun with thoughts of Heather, he checked his phone for messages, ‘2 New Messages’ He hoped with all his will for one to be from her, but the first one was from his publisher wanting updates and the second from the bank to tell him the cheque had cleared and he could pick the keys up for his cabin.

He checked out of the hotel and dropped his bags into his car before heading to the bank. The lodge was sold fully furnished, it needed some personal touches but it would do for him and he desperately needed to get his publisher off his back about the latest book. Picking the keys up wasn’t as easy as it sounds, in his own words he described the process as a “Cluster Fuck” as time wasted away, finally he had the keys, quick groceries trip and he headed off.

The cabin was only 30 minutes out of town, it was early spring and the trees were beginning their annual bloom, he really couldn’t think of a better place to concentrate on his writing. He arrived and found the place as he expected, it had been left empty for years but he had requested it was cleaned before he bought it and the internet had been connected. He logged his phone into the new connection and he checked for messages, the publisher again.

He spent the next few days organising his work and life space and exploring the canyon above the cabin. It was so peaceful, not a soul around, only the sounds of the wind and the river bubbling below. His mind wandered to Heather, imagining her playing here when she was young, he felt his cock twitch and the familiar ache in his loins returned.

Two weeks went past and he hadn’t the courage to call or text Heather, he was too busy with fuckwit trades and delivery people disrupting him at every turn and his work was suffering as a result. “Fuck it” he needed inspiration and flicked through his phone bravely sending “Hi Heather” to the number from the napkin.

Within seconds it responded with “Hi”

He thought about his second response but his phone lit up and ring tone sounded, it was her.

Answering tentatively he was met with an excited Heather on the other end of the phone.

Oh my God, I lost your number when I broke my phone, I was gutted” Her voice at high speed with excitement” “I thought about coming up to find you, but chickened out, though you would be too busy”

“Err well I am but you can come anytime you like, the company would be good and it might inspire me to write more”

“Can I come tomorrow?”

“Yes of course”

“Eeeeek, see you tomorrow”. And with that the phone returned to its dial tone.

He to was excited, that stunner coming to see him, all alone up here!

Returning to his workstation, he pounded at his keyboard, words flowed like never before, the erotica he wrote was steamier than ever, so sensual, so detailed. “Wow! Has she done this to me?” he thought.

The night drew in and he retired early in anticipation of Heather’s arrival. He woke at usual time, showered and had a quick tidy of the cabin before attempting to start writing. His words didn’t flow the same as they did the day before but he blamed this on the time of day but slowly plodded on before a car outside alerted his attention, it was her. He rushed to the door to see her step out of the car in a pale pink summer dress, her lipstick matching its shade perfectly. His heart pumped and his loins thumped.

She ran to him throwing her hands around him squeezing his neck tight, he was terribly conscious of not becoming too hard and ruining the moment but as his shock subsided he embraced her back. Once inside he showed her around the cabin and made her a drink of tea.

“Where do you work?” she asked. It was the only room he had not showed her. He offered his hand which she gratefully accepted and he led her through to his writing room. She gasped as she entered, there were notes stuck on walls with strings intertwining what looked to be the plot lines and characters from his work. She thought it looked like the inner workings of his mind.

“Is this where the magic happens then, your stories?”

“Yes, I guess so” He replied. Thing is though I’ve been struggling a bit, but after you rang yesterday I’ve really caught up, it was strange”

She looked at him. “Ooo do you mean I helped you?”

“Well I think so, yes”

“I could help you, ya’ know, just be here, see if it helps?

“Why not, can only try I suppose”

He sat in his leather chair and offered her the small couch that ran at a right angle to his desk, she made herself comfortable and looked around the room in sheer wonder as he began to type. The words flowed from his fingers, she was engrossed in the speed in which he typed, she stared at his fingers as they blurred across the keys. The noise and sound hypnotic to her senses she moved herself with her bottom perched on the edge of the settee.

He could see from the corner of his eye her pale thighs disappearing up into her dress. His fingers clattered the keyboard like a swordsman clashing swords with a mighty adversary.

Her bottom deftly slipped from the couch and slowly lowered herself to her knees at the side of him, her eyes paying no attention to the content on screen, she was hypnotised by his fingers and how they created his work. She sat with her botton on her heels, her hands on each thigh, eyes fixed. He could see her still from the corner of his eye, another page completed and another, his gaze catching lightning quick images of her to his right.

The hem on her dress was rising with each glance, her breath was deepening, his loins aching with his own words travelling from his mind to the screen, another page and with a whack of his index finger he hit the full stop key and threw himself back against the leather chair.

He was exhausted, his fingers ached and were sore to the point of bleeding, how the hell had he done that, he stared the screen, flicked though several pages, checked the word count in disbelief. His state of achievement was broken by the sound of a soft moan to his side, he turned his head to see Heather, head thrown back with her hand between her legs in the throes of orgasm. His jaw dropped as she writhed, her fingers completing their final rub on her clitoris, legs clamped shut around her hand.

“Fuck” she cried, as her head regained its balance, her eyes meeting his.

“Oh I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help it, I don’t know what happened, I ju..”

“It’s ok, what was that? I’ve finished it in such a short time and then you’re, well you know playing with yourself”

“I couldn’t help myself, it was electric” She had relaxed and was a little more composed. He stood over her and offered his hand to help her up.

“Wait, just a minute”

He sat back in his chair and scrolled to the top of his pages, in bold italic letters he inserted

For Heather x

“Come on, let’s get some air” and led her to the porch, both still overwhelmed at the last half an hour…




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