For Heather, part 2

“Oh fuck it that one will do” She said dragging another bottle of wine from the fridge. The four boys were busy regaling business stories and conquests in the main room whilst nailing a huge quantity of Jack Daniels

She was bored and restless; they had hardly paid her any attention since the hug and the probing bum grope when they had all finally arrived earlier that day. She had wandered the path along the lakeside, sat on the jetty and drank a bottle of wine straight from the bottle.

She wandered around the kitchen looking see what had been altered, she couldn’t see me much and soon became disinterested in even knowing what had and what hadn’t. It had been a long day and it was getting late so she decided to take the bottle to bed. The boys were still chatting when she entered the main room and told them she was going to bed, they hardly stirred when she said “Night” to them all, she just got a “Yeah night, see you tomorrow for the Poker night” followed by wry smiles and winks. “Yeah whatever”. She was in a sullen mood as she liked attention, not too much, but more than she was getting.

The night was still warm and sticky, the light veil curtains wafted in the breeze in her and Ryans room, the double doors were open and the breeze cooled the room as it circulated.

Placing the bottle on the bedside table she flopped on to the bed, she had showered since her earlier swim in the lake and changed in to lightweight shorts and vest top to ease the heat of the day. She lay still outstretched on the king-size bed; the cotton sheets cool on her skin, the breeze rippling the hairs on her body. Her red hair spread across the pillows as she relaxed into a wine induced haze.

Her fingers traced across her bare tummy, she liked it, it was one of her ‘tickle’ zones, too much and she would double up in giggles, just right the right touch would result in her senses tingling all over, from her feet to her neck. She knew how to do this to herself and had a pretty good idea of where she would go next with her body.

She sat up and peeled her t-shirt over head and through the mass of red hair, her breasts proud with her alert nipples rapidly hardening. She brushed the back her hands over her delicate skin, her nipples reacted accordingly, hardening, aching to be touched. She duly obliged them rotating her hands to take each nipple in between her thumb and forefinger rolling each nipple in opposite directions. Her wetness in her panties grew and when she squeezed each nipple her clitoris reacted with a jolt.

Her hands travelled back to her tummy and to the top of her shorts sliding them effortlessly under the waistband, over her trimmed ginger pubic mound to her eager vagina that was pulsating, throbbing, engorged with the rush of blood from her arousal.

Her mind drifted and lifting her legs she slid her shorts over her ankles onto the bed covers.

Earlier in the day she had remembered her first time with Ryan in the woods as her hands returned to her dripping pussy. Her right hand located her clitoris while her left hand felt for her opening and gently slid in two fingers. The memory of Ryans cock flooded back, it was like she was back there, her own fingers substituted for his cock. Her legs gave a tremble and butterflies fluttered in her tummy as both hands went to work on herself, her pubic hair tickling her wrist as she worked on the clit. She was close, she dad reached her plateau and had reached the point of no return when the door flew open and in fell Ryan.

He caught full view of what she was doing, she sat up alarmed, covering herself the best she could in a moment of fright.

Ryan mumbled something “pussy, fuck” slurred sex speak and clawed at his clothing to quickly undress.

“Look at the fucking state of you”

Ryan paid no attention and was already naked, his cock in a state in-between flaccid and hard and he flopped on the bed next to her.

“Not going to suck itself is it” he slurred pointing to his half hard cock.

She queried the situation in her head, but she still ached she had been a split second away from her own orgasm until he burst in.

“I’ve got a better idea” she said and threw her leg over to straddle him. Ryans cock stirred no more than from its original state. She knew he was never going to get it hard, he was too drunk. She lowered herself sitting on his limp cock almost crushing it between their genitalia, it lay dormant the length of her slit and the head of his cock tickled her clit as she began to rock back and forth. Her arousal rebuilding as her breasts swayed gloriously with her movements.

Ryan was still conscious and only just an active partner her devious side took over. She reached down and gently rubbed her button with vigour whilst continuing to rock on him, his cock slithering in her juices; she kept this up knowing full well that if she kept herself edging long enough she would squirt.

Ryan was on the verge of passing out in a drunken stupor, she edged long enough for his eyes to close before raising herself up and gave herself several prolonged hard rubs across her clitoris unleashing a torrent of clear liquid from her pussy which splattered over Ryans face and chest. His eyes opened wide in shock as the stream of warm liquid soaked his face and body,droplets trickling down on to the bed sheets. Her gushing felt like an eternity, she was like a fire hose putting out a fire as a wave of ecstasy sent explosions through her body until finally collapsing at his side disheveled in the sodden bed sheets.

She had got his attention now and he quickly sobered up. “Fuck babe, what was that for”

“You fucking deserve it for coming up plastered and interrupting my play time”

Ryan shrugged “Fair point”

“Babes…you know the Poker game tomorrow night?”

“Yes, what about it”

“I need to tell you something…”


TBC…promise x

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