For Heather, part 1


The two hour drive seemed to last an eternity, the air conditioning in the car was intermittent and ranged from ice cold to humidly sticky and clammy which made her skin perspire and loosen her foundation cream and other makeup. In her hastiness to get ready to leave for the lodge, she was still wearing her light blue bikini, covering her exposed body in a paler blue frill split beach dress for the journey.

“I thought you’d checked the car over?” She asked Ryan
“I did” He snapped back
“Well obviously fucking not” she replied “What were you doing in the garage for so long, jerking off or something?”
“No I checked the car, it was working when we left”
“Well it’s not working now is it” She snapped as she repeatedly hit the AC button on the cars console.
“Look we’re nearly there now, look there’s the forest in the distance” Ryan’s tone changed as he tried to placate her growing temper.

She ceased her incessant button pressing and rolled her head out of the open window. The wind drew back her long hair and sucked it from the car, it flowed and waved like a flame flickering on a log fire, its red strands wild and uncontrollable, she relaxed but was still pissed at her make up being out of place. She liked Ryan’s friends, they were handsome boys through school and now in their twenties they were mature and well groomed business men with lots of fingers in lots of different pies, always up to something and not always good.

She had wanted to not disappoint Ryan by looking fresh for his friends when they arrived considering she was gate crashing one of his regular ‘boys weekends’. She also like to flirt with the three other men, nothing heavy, just a glance, a bit of leg, a lip glossed pout or revealing an extra portion of her ample cleavage. They were always pleasant with her and made the occasional comment in response to her flirting but it never went further than that.

The road surface turned from smooth black tarmac to a gritty dust which sent plumes of white dust and gravel from the wheels across the side of the car. She quickly drew her head back in to the car, her face and hair caught in the blast of powder sticking to her perspiration.

“Oh for fucks sake” She yelled, “Fucking great.” Wiping the dust from her face

The track to the lodge was lined in tall pine trees; the smell shook her memories of losing her virginity many years before. She smiled remembering the fumbling and the anticipation of taking her first cock, Ryan’s cock, between her legs. They had made out before then and she remembered she had given him oral for the first time the previous night and swallowing his sperm only a few minutes of taking him in her mouth. The smell of the trees reminded her of the taste of his cum and the two mingled in her senses as her tongue pierced through her lips in fond memories.

The night they finally ‘did it’ was the first time he had made her orgasm, she had done it many times herself after he would leave her high and dry or on the point of orgasm only to leave her frustrated. He had been romantic, made a basic picnic, stole a bottle of wine from his parents, lay out a rug deep in the forest and even crept in to the restroom on the highway to buy condoms.

He had plied her with drink, in fact she drank most of the bottle, she was giddy with alcohol and arousal, he couldn’t control himself and the bulge in front of his shorts evidently showed he was hard and horny. He had peeled her top and bra off and grabbed her boobs roughly, she pushed him away and told him to stop. Looking him in the eye she held his gaze, lifted her bottom and wiggled out of her Daisy Duke denim shorts and striped panties.

Still holding his gaze she laid back knees bent and opened wide offering him a view of her groomed pussy. His eyes nearly burst from his head, his cock straining at his pants as he fumbled at the buttons to unleash his erection.
“Stop” She had told him “My turn, now eat” gesturing a finger towards her vagina. He couldn’t believe his luck and quickly buried his head between her legs, she bucked as his eager mouth clamped on to her mound, his tongue flashing everywhere but missing her vital spot.
“Stop, stop, wait” she told him pushing his head away to her knees.
She slid her hand between her own legs and gently parted her lips exposing her clitoris, with her other hand she rubbed her bud instructively.
“Here, lick here” then allowing him to resume

His tongue hit the spot within moments of touching her, she writhed and moaned with her mouth tightly closed, chest heaving in short breaths. She was close already and she urged her orgasm to come forward, her juices mixing with his saliva. She wiggled her bottom and tried to push herself into his mouth, being inexperienced he lost his rhythm at her movements and his tongue slipped down over her pussy lips, still darting and flashing the very tip of his tongue brushed her asshole.
Her head almost burst as a raging orgasm ripped through her. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” she cried as her muscles contracted tighter than she had ever managed herself, her head span, her legs shook uncontrollably and when Ryan’s tongue resumed its work on her clit she pushed his head away unable to take anymore as every nerve of her tingled.

Ryan rocked back, buttocks on his heels and began to unbutton his shorts, she lay there gasping for breath, her head spinning with the power of her orgasm. His cock sprang forward as if relieved of escaping its captivity, she stared at him through a haze of post orgasm delirium “Condom” She instructed with a gasp, she was ready to take him, she would do anything now.

Ryan fucked up his first attempt of putting his condom on and dispatched it into the bushes, he tore at the second foil packet and learning from his previous mistake rolled the rubber sleeve the full length of his hard 7 inch cock. She was nervous as he lowered himself between her legs, their chests touching, they kissed as she felt the tip of the condom tickling her pre soaked labia, followed by a nudging sensation as his cock probed for her opening. She felt her lips part as he slowly entered her, she froze as he started to push deeper..

“What the fuck was that” she shouted, startled from her daydream by the car hitting a large pothole and swerving wildly as Ryan tried to avoid another.
“Fucks sake slow down”
He ignored her as he manoeuvred the holes in the road, she tried to drop back in to the day dream where her first love was sliding into her for the first time but the moment was gone, she felt aroused by her memories and very annoyed they had been disturbed.
“I can see it” exclaimed Ryan “There it is” as the car dropped down the hill revealing the lake and the lodge and its jetty reaching out in to it.
“Five minutes and we are there” He said excitedly
“Thank fuck for that, I need to clean up, I look like I’ve been dragged here”
It was true, her makeup had run, hair and face covered in road dust and hair windswept.
“I’m going straight in the lake, soon as we get there” She loved to swim, she revelled in the freedom it gave her and the quiet solitude that the water provided.

There were no other cars at the Lodge so it was obvious they were the first to arrive. As soon as Ryan stopped the car she flung the door open and stepped out stretching her legs, back and arms almost yawn like. The fresh open forest air filled her lungs as she inhaled deeply, drinking in the oxygen it provided looking around, she could see that the Lodge had had work carried out since she last visited but paid no real notice to it. “I’ll find out later” she thought as her attention turned to the lake and the jetty reaching out into its still waters.

She walked towards it, kicking off her shoes as she stepped onto the sun bleached timber boards, they felt good on her soles as she reached to untie her beach dress letting it slowly fall to the floor, trailing behind her as she shrugged her arms free of it. Without breaking stride she reached the end of the jetty as her toes hit the end board she sprang forward, arms out stretched, feet and arms together into the water.

The water was Ice cold, it always was, she stayed submerged for as long as her breath would allow, her legs wide and again closed as she breast stroke kicked her way in to the expansive lake.
She sprung to the surface with a gasp of air filling her empty lungs, throwing her red hair back from her face with a swish of her head. Turning in the water to face the lodge she could see three other cars and a group of men in a tight embrace next to them. She trod water for a few seconds before again submerging under the surface and dolphin kicked her way back towards the jetty.

Grabbing at the timber boards she lifted herself up in one movement, water cascaded from her body as she rose soaking the timber boards. Her skin was covered in goose pimples, her nipples erect from the cold of the water and walked towards the group of men who had now parted their embrace, her wet footsteps fading behind her. Slipping her shoes back on and grabbing her dress in her hand she approached the men, her body still pimpled, nipples poking through the soft bikini material.

The men saw her coming and their eyes focused on her bikini clad body and soaked red hair, mesmerised by her breasts stirring to match her walk. She knew they were watching and gave her butt an extra wiggle as she approached them. They were always happy to see each other and all three embraced her together, their hugs held tight as she became aware of a hand on each of her ass cheeks squeezing hard, she ignored it as there would always a be a bit of this when they met up.

Something felt different this time, very different, when she felt that the hands were not from the same person with the fingers from hand now pulling her ass cheeks apart.
She released her grip on the men and they let go of her ass, they stepped back with one of the men, Luke smiling at her.
“Are you ready for some fun this weekend?” He asked
Paying it no attention she replied with yes “Always up for anything me”

TBC…Soon I promise x

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