Gym Buddies Part 2

She sat on the hard pinewood benches that surrounded the most part of the perimeter of the ladies changing room. Water dripped from her hair down her goose pimpled skin to the floor, her body ripping orgasm still reverberating through her body.

Grabbing for a towel from her locker she could hear the muffled conversation of the men entering the men’s changing room that was across the corridor from the ladies. Her mind wandered back from her time in the shower to her outrageous flirting in the gym room, the smell of sweat, the noise of the equipment refueled her senses as she remembered the faces and the perspiring bodies of the men, her tummy gave a thud that sent sharp tingles to her nipples and vagina.

“I wonder if men jerk off in the shower too?” she thought, not realising she actually voiced this aloud. She stopped with a flutter of her heart hoping no one had heard her, looking round anxiously she realised with relief she was alone in the room. Her heart returned to its normal rhythm and her body replied by re-engaging its acute tingles, her nipples hardening and she knew the feeling between her legs that was no longer the moisture from the shower causing her to feel damp.

Her thoughts went into over drive, “What if they are jerking off? What if they are jerking each other off!?”

Her pussy throbbed, her nipples now swollen hard and aching, she lightly brushed each nipple sending a bolt of electricity through her body, the hairs on her neck stood on end as she gently bushed her hands over her abdomen for them to meet between her legs. With her left hand she teasingly parted her own lips, her right hand then slowly and deliberately caressing over the top of the left as if it were another lovers’.

Her index finger located her swollen clitoris and with a feather light touch she gently tapped her exposed button, her body spasmed to the verge of orgasm within a few touches, her head thrown backwards, back arching, in a jolt she quickly removed her hands from her groin and stood motionless in the empty room.

The noise from the boiler room told her that the showers were running, her eyes twinkled, her tongue slid to seductively lick along her top lip. Grabbing her smallest towel that she would usually wrap her hair in when drying, she quickly wrapped herself from breast to buttocks. Barely covering either, she carefully opened the door from the Ladies changing room to the corridor. Poking her head out cautiously she listened for anyone using the corridor. It was late at night now, the corridor was deserted with only the sounds of the boiler and the muffled conversation from the male changing room.Peering left and right along the corridor as if crossing a busy road she tentatively tip toed across the carpeted corridor to the door opposite.

Unsure whether to just burst in, she placed both hands flat on the door and pressed her right ear to the dark mahogany wood. It gave her no better idea of what was happening inside. Her left hand pushed at the long silver door plate opening it slightly. A wisp of steam escaped through the door opening and the voices inside became more audible. She pushed wider to allow enough space for her had to peer round into the steam filled room. She remembered how the Ladies room had become engulfed in steam from just using the one shower, but with four running it had literally created a smog scented with perspiration, shampoo and shower gels.

She could hear the men quite clearly now, the brief snippet of conversation she processed was about weights and protein shakes. Part of her was disappointed they weren’t in the throes of jerking or fucking each other.

The door continued to open as she slipped inside undetected in to the smog, she could make out the outlines of the four men busily rubbing soap into their bodies, her pussy twitched, her nipples felt as if they were missiles ready to launch. Even if her towel became loose she was certain it would just hang from them both.

She silently closed the door behind her and crept to the wall that housed the municipal shower area. The men were now just out of sight as she stealthy crept along the tiles. Her tummy was in knots with fear and arousal, her mind likened herself to a powerful lioness stalking her prey as her body reached the opening of the shower area.

She could again see three of the men, their backs to her facing the shower heads, she couldn’t see the fourth, but the three she could see were in various stages of washing, one massaging shampoo into his hair, the middle one obviously paying close attention to washing his penis and testicles.

The man closest to him was lathered in soap from the waist down, visibility was such that she could just make out his taught buttocks, the soap slid over his curves as he rubbed more liquid into the top of his buttocks, occasionally moving down to circle his cheeks. She watched in a trance as his hands slipped between his crevice to wash his ass. “He obviously likes that” she thought as he repeated his actions several times. Her pussy was by now pounding at all her senses and couldn’t resist reaching down to examine her own wetness, her fore-finger sliding effortlessly along her slit.

Her finger stirred her arousal higher than she thought possible as she peered around the tiled wall to catch a glimpse of the fourth man, unlike the others he was facing away from the showers. The jets of hot water hitting him in the nape of his neck, head tilted back, hands working shampoo through his hair.

Her eyes immediately focusing on his well defined legs, it felt like her eyes moved in slow motion as her gaze lifted to his waist, his cock uncut,  hanging,  swaying with the momentum of his movements, his, balls neatly tucked underneath looking ripe and full of sperm, wisps of wet dark pubic hair adorned his metronomic display. Her own juices leaked to her inner thigh, she ached, she throbbed, her heart pounded, her breath shallow her tummy tied tight in twisted knots.

Droplets of water covered her skin, they rolled slowly, tantalisingly, teasingly over her skin to the floor. Her face glowing pink from both the steam in the room and the heat of her own raging arousal. She had to use every ounce of self restrain both physically and mentally to stop from lurching forward and grabbing this gorgeous looking member, her breath heavy, her chest heaving, her thoughts unclear, what was her next move, what would her inner Lioness do?…

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