For Heather…


“Please, please can I come with you to the Lodge, you know I love it up there, please?”

“But, babes, it’s a boys weekend you know we do it every couple of months”

“Please, I’ll do anything, anything”

“Ok, I’ll double check with the guys, but you owe me big time”

It’s true she did love it up there, miles from anywhere surrounded in dense Forest and a huge lake stretching as far as the eye could see, with the nearest neighbour almost a mile away.

She had lost her virginity up there during her mid teens as did most of her school year, endless summer parties were held there, camping, swimming, drinking, sex, more sex and lots of experimenting. It was indeed her happy place.

Her boyfriend Ryan, was ‘Mr Popular’ and throughout school she had adored him from the moment they had met in 10th grade. They had been inseparable, apart from the time he fucked two cheer leaders in the showers one evening and then the time she caught him getting head off her sister. Apart from those two occasions she was pretty sure he had remained faithful.

They had split up for nearly a year and in that time she had other lovers and a variance of experiences which expanded her sexual knowledge and carnal intrigue, she wasn’t shy in coming forward, but found she had a submissive preference when it came to sex.

She was a stunning looking girl, long. wavy autumn red hair that fell below her shoulders an hour glass figure, legs that most women would die for and a full voluptuous pair of breasts that heaved with her breathing, catching every mans gaze.

Ryan had been on the phone to his three friends for well over an hour persuading them to let her join them for the weekend, they finally relented in their protests, but they made the point that, “he owed them”

Ryan gave her the good news, she was so excited that she screamed in delight, she was determined not to let him down and quickly packed a suitcase with some essentials and few items of lingerie and sex toys she knew he enjoyed.

She couldn’t wait to leave and paced the house waiting for Ryan to collect his travel cases. He was in the garage for what she thought was a rather long time but he assured her that he was just checking the car over. Her query seemed to spur him on and he emerged with a travel bag she had not seen before.

“What’s in the bag?” She asked “I’ve never seen that before”

“Oh, oh” he stuttered “It’s just all the card games and stuff”

She didn’t give it another thought and was eagerly yanking at the handle of the car door to get in and get the two hour trip to the Lodge underway…


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      1. Hi. Yes we do. I have read that one. On part one now. I was saying I can’t wait to read this tonight, but what I meant was I can’t wait to read this to Heather tonight.


      2. That between you two. I’m just helping a friend out. Anything you want me to do to her?


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