Gym Buddies

Gym Buddies…Part 1

It had been an awful day at work, meeting after meeting and nothing she felt had been achieved. The last thing she felt like doing was a workout at the gym but her desire to stay in shape persuaded her to go.

She stripped of her pinstriped skirt and jacket in the empty changing rooms to reveal her low cut white blouse, small black panties which had suffered the rigours of the day and her lightly tanned shapely legs. She looked at herself in the full length mirror, pirouetting on her toes to look at her perfect round ass. She stripped off her blouse and black bra that had been uncomfortable all day.

Her breasts all though free from their captivity hardly moved when unsupported, she loved her breasts more than she loved her ass. She ran her hands over them stopping to tweak each nipple between her fingers and thumb, sending a sharp tingle to her groin. She stopped suddenly as the door opened as two middle aged women entered the changing room, red and perspiring from their work outs.

She was sticky and uncomfortable from a day in a stuffy suit so she quickly showered to freshen up before squeezing into her gym kit. As she showered her hands again wandered over her body wiping away the days toil from her. Her soapy hands gliding over her smooth skin. She almost lost herself in the moment as she washed between her legs. It was only the conversation from the two women that broke her trance and she quickly brought herself back together.

She quickly dried and slipped in to her cycling shorts, sports bra and stretch fit vest. She loved her gym kit, it showed her curvy hips and heightened her arousal just looking at herself again in the mirror.

She moved in to the gym room and proceeded to stretch her muscles, her lithe tight body exacerbated in her movements, tight firm calves, thighs and buttocks strained at the stretch fit material, her breasts all though confined pert and prominent, she felt powerful in the gym, no stupid bosses, no meaningless reports and endless power point presentations, just her and her playlist.

After completing her warm up she moved to the treadmill, she was OCD in her routine, stretch, run, weights. She had no idea why, maybe it was from when she first started at this gym and the devilishly handsome instructor that showed her around and started her fitness programme. She smiled wryly at remembering him, he really was a fine looking man she thought, her expression dropped, too bad he was gay.

Her favourite power track came on her playlist as she sprinted through the last of her 5k run.

As the treadmill started to slow she took on water in huge gulps from her sports bottle, tipping her head backwards she caught the reflection of four men in the mirror working out on the weights at the back of the room. She paid little attention to them as she moved to the arm machine in the middle of the room, sweat was pouring from her face on to her vest staining under the neck and on the back as she gripped the handles of the machine.

She loved this machine, she had nick named it the ‘boob machine’ as it worked the shoulders and upper chest, her vest constricted her breasts when she extended her arms and pushed them together when she squeezed them together. Her nipples reacted to the movement and hardened under the exercise and her own thoughts as she watched the men workout.

They weren’t muscle bound ‘Sted heads’ as she referred to the huge brutes of men that often attended this gym. She had no time for them. This group were by the look quite new to the gym, she had certainly not seen them before, they were all slim, obviously good friends and a mixture of ages. The youngest she thought would be mid twenties, slim build with a shock of unmanaged brown hair. The eldest in her mind was late thirties early forties, well groomed slightly greying hair.

The other two men looked they may be brothers, similar light brown gelled hair and quite muscular in physique. One of them glanced over and smiled politely ate her. She responded with a smile as her breasts were pushed together by her movement on the machine, she felt a little tickle of naughtiness run through her as she repeated the exercise. The other man looked over as she did followed by the other two who all smiled politely, her tongue purposefully licked her top lip as she smiled back.

Three of the men looked away almost in embarrassment but the older man continued to watch as she brought her exercise on this machine to a close. She glugged several mouthfuls of water from her bottle emptying it allowing the last drops from the bottle to spill from her mouth seductively, the older man still watching. With the bottle empty she went to the fountain to refill the bottle, knowing full well she was being watched and the place now empty, she extenuated her walk, her slender hips swaying wider than usual, her buttocks pushed backwards, a light pout on her lips.

She bent at the fountain, her ass pointing toward the men, she didn’t need another drink but she just let the water run in and out of her mouth, she was becoming more and more aroused  at the power of her physique was having over these men who were all now watching with eyes on stalks.

Straightening herself up she filled the bottle and walked back towards the men to the leg press machine. There were several available but she chose the one that faced them. Her shorts, vest and bra top were wet with her sweat, from the nape of her neck to the crease in her ass. She positioned herself on the machine, giving her bottom a wiggle as if to get comfortable, she really did it to wobble he sweat soaked breasts at the group. Her legs began to push out at the weights in her usual style, knees slightly apart. The men had averted their gaze and were concentrating on their own activities, she watched with interest how their bodies flexed and stiffened with their movements, she was aware that she was starting to get wet between her legs and she knew it wasn’t her sweat.

The men occasionally glanced over but she was unable to recapture their full attention, she was determined to do so again. Sliding herself forward on the seat her vulva pointed directly towards them she opened her legs wider, it was uncomfortable but she re-attracted their attention. With each push of her legs she opened them a fraction wider until they were almost at a 45 degree angle to her straining torso. She had their full attention.

She continued this for another five minutes, sweat covered her, her kit stained with her perspiration. Her legs could no longer take the strain of pushing at an angle, she straightened and completed several more reps before stopping, again she continued her water bottle routine, spilling from her lips just a little more water so it ran from her face to her cleavage. She paused, stood up, smiled at the men and walked away from them, satisfied at her power over these men. Reaching the door to exit the room she glanced over her shoulder and smiled again at the men as if to say thanks, good bye.

The women in the changing room were long gone, it felt as if the heating too had gone out, the room was nippy as she opened her locker. Her nipples responding to the cold, hardening in the cool air. Peeling of her gym kit she stood naked with the appearance of goose pimples covering her body. She grabbed a towel and shampoo from her bag and turned on the shower. The heat from the shower and the cold air caused a plume of steam to envelop the room, she stood under the jets of hot water, water cascading from her hair to the floor, her smooth skin repelling the water.

She added shampoo to her hair and allowed the soap to travel down her body massaging the soap into her skin as it fell. She brushed her hand against her left nipple as she did, it reacted unexpectedly and the throb between her legs engulfed her. Her mind full of imagination, the hot gym instructor, the four men, her power over them!

Her thumb and forefinger combined to pinch her nipple hard, shooting energy to her now throbbing vagina, her free hand sliding down her soapy skin between her legs, she was wet, her clitoris throbbed as if it was connected to her nipple, the harder she pinched the more her clit throbbed and yearned to be rubbed, caressed and pleasured. Her fingers parted her labia and touched her clit, she shuddered wildly her own pressure on her nipple increased flattening hard. Her legs wobbled as she almost collapsed to the floor, her hand releasing her nipple reaching for the wet tiles as she reached to steady herself from falling, her thighs clamped against her own hand as her orgasm ripped through her body, her eyes tightly closed, the spray from the shower hitting her soft skin. Her legs still trembling she dropped to one knee, with one hand on the tiles to stop her fully collapsing, her hand still clamped tight between her thighs as she then dropped to both knees gasping for air in a now steam filled room.

“Fuck” she moaned as the spray from the shower hit her chest “Where the fuck did that come from?”

She stayed on her knees for several minutes until felt steady to raise herself. She rinsed quickly and draping a towel around herself she sat in a heady post orgasm daze on the bench next to her locker, water dropping the floor from her hair.

Outside she could hear the squeak of the gym room door being opened and the conversation of the four men leaving the room and their footsteps past the changing room door…

To be continued..

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