First Attempt…

He kisses her tenderly, very softly slowly moving from her soft lips to her neck, his hands grabbing at her waist pulling her tight against him, his cock starting to stiffen against her abdomen as she starts to moan lightly.

His neck nibbles turn into sharp nips with his teeth and she yelps with both surprise and pleasure, his cock throbs in his pants as her breathing deepens, he pushes her forcefully on to the bed and she lands with a bounce, her legs spreading, invitingly apart and her breasts heave within her top. He stares her in the eye as he lowers himself toward her and kisses her again…his hands moving to unbutton her shirt.

She lies helplessly, breathing deeply as he opens her shirt, exposing her pert breasts tightly tucked into her favourite bra.

His hands begin to trace over her bare skin, her neck, her breasts…her black bra, her back arches as his finger tips brush her tummy as they move down toward the top of her jeans, his fingers quickly, nimbly unbutton her jeans, but he stops…

He pulls her by the legs so her feet are flat on the floor with her bottom on the edge of the bed. kneeling between her thighs he lowers his head and grasps the zipper of her jeans in his teeth and tugs at the zip as if he were a dog tearing at a bone.

It slides easily to open up her jeans, revealing her favourite black panties, he can smell how aroused she is, his hands moving to her hips to grab the tops of her jeans and begins to peel them off.

She lies there, in her panties and bra, he grabs one of her ankles in his hand and begins kissing his way up the inside of her leg, her back is arches, and her moaning heavy in delight

Moving slowly he continues, over her knee up to her thigh…




His lips brush against her panties

He begins to nibble where her bare skin and panty line meets, up to the top of her panties then slowly, deliberately starts to go lower, until his mouth reaches her silk covered clit, she moans loudly.

His cock is bursting in his pants but it’s not his turn yet, his mouth clamps on to her pussy through the soft material of her panties, she bucks and arches her back, her legs clamp his head in a fleshy vice of arousal. She hasn’t noticed his fingers creeping inside her panties as he pulls them to one side exposing her glistening pussy.

His tongue gently locates her clit as his fingers slowly part her lips and ever so slowly start to enter her. She can feel her orgasm building, her hands grasp at his hair as his fingers increase their speed in and out, in and out of her, his tongue circles her clit as she continues to buck, grasp and moan as her orgasm nears.

He removes his fingers and concentrates on his flickering tongue, his fingers aren’t idle as they move lower and locate her butt hole circling it in the juices her are leaking from her pussy, she is close…

His finger breaks her opening as it starts to enter her, she lets out a gush and blasts his face with her squirt, she writhes and grabs his hair hard, she is spent and exhausted and pulls him on top of her to kiss away her juices from his face.

His cock is straining uncomfortably in his jeans and she tells him she needs it, she needs his cock.

He kneels up to unbutton his jeans, his cock springs forward at her eye level, her mouth opens and he gasps as her red lips invitingly slurps his cock into her velvet mouth, she gently sucks the head taking it deeper, then deeper forcing it into her throat.

She manoeuvres herself onto her front and takes his cock in her mouth from tip to base in long saliva covered strokes.

She pauses,

Looks him in the eye,

Throat fuck me, fuck my face she demands

He smiles,

H grabs her hair as her mouth accepts his engorged cock, slowly thrusting his hips until she gags slightly as his balls reach her chin.

Increasing his thrusts her saliva runs from her mouth, he can feel how tight her throat as he pushes his full length into her throat, her eyes are watering and his breath deepens as he feels his balls tighten, she knows he is close.

He thrusts hard and powerfully his stroke increasing he is close so close, but he cant decide if he wants to cum in her mouth or fuck her so using all his will power to control himself.

He makes the decision to fuck that sweet pussy he was earlier eating, withdrawing his cock from her mouth, she looks disappointed yet relieved at his relentless assault on her mouth and throat.

He kisses what is left of her red lipstick and look into her eyes….turn round he says, give me that ass.

She shuffles round and presents her fine ass to him, cheekily she slides a hand between her legs and part her lips, then with one finger, beckons him in, he grabs her hips but rather than sliding his cock in, he decides he wants to taste her ass


His tongue rolls around it as her shoulders give way and her chest rests on the bed, round and round circles his tongue and cheekily he pushes it slowly in, she moans loudly…

“Fuck me…fuck me now”

Repositioning himself with the head of his cock pushing at her wet pussy lips, it can’t resist as he pushes his full length into her slowly, her head darts back in pleasure and he grabs her long hair pulling it hard as his cock pounds her pussy towards another ripping orgasm.

“I want you to cum on his cock he demands”

Her hand slips between her thighs to massage her clit as a wave of orgasmic pleasure shatters her body, her screams and moans subside as she gently asks…cum for me


His cock slides out as his thrusts subside, his right hand on her hip, he flips her on to her back as she lies there helplessly before him, she looks him in the eye and grab his cock jerking it with long strokes…

”Cum for me” Begging him “Cum for me”

He can’t stand it any longer as his cock throbs and bursts a huge wad of cum that reaches her face, another wad and another cover her black bra clad breasts, his hips buckle as a more cum lands on her tummy and another lands on her groomed pussy…

He is spent, his cock twitches dripping cum on her mound as she grabs him close and kisses him covering him in his own cum, both breathless and exhausted but very satisfied.

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