For Alexa

The night hadnt gone well, it rounded off a week of arguments that a night on the town wouldn’t cure.

“You fucking cunt” she exclaimed.

“Ever since we have been in here youve been staring at that whore, then you go for a piss and come back with lipstick on your face, her fucking lipstick!”

With that she caught him with a ferocious right handed slap to the cheek.

“Fuck you!” She snarled as she turned to head for the exit.

Leaving the warmth of the club, she felt the fresh night air fill her lungs intoxicating her further. The cold early morning breeze blew lightly on her skimpy satin dress making it cling and rub sensually to her tanned flesh.

“Fuck him” she murmured as she began her aimless walk away from town, her anger and resentment over powering the alcohol, her adrenaline running high. The streets, full of brightly coloured neon lights blurred as her heels clicked against the stone pavement as she paced with no direction in mind.

Her rage was so, that she didn’t notice the streets darken and the street signage had diminished, it was just her and the street lights alone. It dawned in her she had no idea where she was, her heart sank with a thud of anxiety, she was quickly sobering up and self awareness of her actions ran through her head.

She reached a cross roads “Oh fuck, which way now?” She thought, she was cold, her skin peppered with goose pimples, her nipples hard and erect from the cold. In the distance was an aged looking green neon sign advertising ‘Pool’. The sign flickered in the early gloom and sounds of music escaped from the blackened windows.

“Fuck it” she gasped, she was cold , foot sore and in need of a stiff drink, the music got louder as she approached the entrance, as she pushed the door it creaked and the music increased in volume.

The bar was small with a pool table at the far end in which she saw a handful of me gathered around talking loudly, she tried to ignore their glances as the stared at her, she was not the usual clientele for this establishment.

The bar man, probably late 50s smiled at her.

“Are you ok miss?”

“Yes I’m fine, I need a drink, give me a double Southern Comfort, no ice”

The barman placed the drink on the bar, she grabbed the glass and downed the drink in one gulp.

“Again” motioning to the barman

“I’ll get that” came a voice from the pool table.

She wanted to say no, but something inside her stopped the words from leaving her mouth. The man emerged from the end of the room and handed the money to the barman. He was tall, over 6ft, fair hair wearing jeans and a tshirt. He introduced himself and proceeded to make small talk, she was on her guard but the two doubles had relaxed her enough to respond.

The conversation continued and she was aware that she was becoming quite flirty, another man had joined them at the bar and bought her another drink. She explained to the two men about her boyfriends antics with that ‘slag’ from the night club. The two men offered their apologies on behalf of men as they both agreed this would not be the case if she were out with them. They made her feel very relaxed.

“My round” she suddenly piped up” Drink for everyone”

The barman duly obliged with six doubles on the bar.

“Fancy a game of pool?” One of the men asked

“Ive never played before”

“Thats ok, we will teach you a thing or two”

The group of them moved to the table where two of the men set up the balls on the table.

“You break, here I’ll show you how” the first man handed her a cue.

“All you have to do is empty our balls”

She looked quizzically at the man but paid no real attention to his comments. She leant over the table trying to remember when she had watched the game before. As she tried to get herself in a position to make her shot the man intervened.

“Here let me show you” as he leant over her

She turned her head sharply as she realised that her short dress had lifted and was full revealing her buttocks but was also aware that the man was naked from the waist down and more alarmingly his hard cock was nudging between her buttocks.

“Told you, you’re going to empty out balls”

This distraction left her confused and scared, her adrenaline rushed and became light headed. Two hands grabbed each of her wrists and pulled across the width of the table, her face pressed to the green baize of the table. She struggled and began to scream, the volume of the duke box increased as she did so.

Flat face down on the table she felt the intrusive finger’s of the man invade her small G string panties, his fingers fumbling to part her labia, she squirmed but also noticed a familiar wet feeling as his fingers slid in to her vagina pushing as far as they could go. They retreated only to be replaced with the head of a very bulbous cock. She writhed but she was held tight by the two assailants either side of the table.

Her pussy betrayed her and allowed the mans cock to enter, he was no gentleman and slammed a full eight inches of wide cock into her, slamming into her cervix and stretching her wide, she had never taken anything of this size and it hurt but fuck it felt good. He withdrew fully with each stroke and repeatedly slammed this monster back into her…she couldn’t understand why despite it being so wrong she was practically on the verge of orgasm.

The cock withdrew again and stayed with its head at her labia, she waited for the impending thrust, but it didn’t come, she waited for what felt like ages but no inward painful thrust, she could no longer feel its touch on her lips, instead it was replaced by another much smaller cock, which slid teasingly into her. Her orgasm abated, she wanted it hard, but it wasn’t to be, slow gentle strokes, all most affectionate like he was making love to his lover.

“Get out the fucking way way you tart” Boomed a voice as the cock quickly withdrew from her. “I’ll fucking give it her”

She was grabbed roughly by the hips then felt a rough unshaven chafing between her buttocks, a tongue licking at her anus, this startled her and she tried to clamp her cheeks tight, no use, the tongue dripped saliva all over her hole, she knew what was coming and was powerless to stop what was coming next.

She shrieked in pain as the third cock broke into her anus, fuck it hurt and he was not going to be gentle, she bit her lip hard drawing blood as the third man forcefully ploughed his cock into her butt. He grasped her hips hard pinching her skin hard as his thrust quickened.

“Don’t fucking cum yet dickhead” came a voice she recognised as the first man.

The ass fucker withdrew with moans of displeasure towards his friend.

“Just wait, we will finish her properly ”

The hands that were holding her changed, she knew escape was impossible and she knew what was coming.

“Which hole you going for? Go on do her ass, its so fucking tight, she’ll even be able to feel that tiny cock of yours” laughed two of the men.

She felt a nudging at her already sore arse, pushing slowly with no lubricant this fourth cock was obviously inexperienced but never the less he entered her with short stubby strokes that she found strangely arousing, her orgasm began to resurge. She could hear his breath deepen as his thrusts quickened until he yelped and burst a string of cum inside her ass.

“Fucking dickhead, I said don’t fucking cum in her, get the fuck out the way, flip her over on her back, hold her down”

She was quickly spun on to her back and dragged along the table so her head fell back.

She knew there was one man to go but had no idea where or which hole he would assault, she didn’t have to wait long as the fifth penis smacked her down the length of her face, once, then twice, she waited for a third but it didn’t come. His hand grabbed her cheek and jawbone forcing her mouth open to be followed by the head of the fifth mans swollen cock. He pushed slowly, edging his member in to her mouth, she wanted him to stop, push no further but he continued to slide in until she gagged.

He withdrew, just enough so she couldn’t close again then pushing it in again to test her gag reflex as if he was gauging the depth capabilities of his thrust. He continued slowly building his rhythm, she could taste his pre cum on her tongue, she loved cum, she secretly wanted it.

Her eyes were open and she could see two of the other men jerking their cocks inches from her face, the oral intruder was now pumping like a piston as she braced herself for a mouthful of his semen. She was wise to do so as three blasts of cum filled her mouth to the point of overflowing on to her upturned face. He withdrew and she gulped almost gargled for air and in doing so spat a mouthful of cum over the two watching wankers.

This was too much for either of them and both simultaneously blew thick strings of cum over her satin dress and face, as the force of their ejaculation subsided both men dripped the remnants of their orgasm on to her already cum splattered hair and face. Four down one to go she thought, where is he, why is he waiting, secretly she wanted his cock.

“Turn her over” came the familiar tones of the man she was secretly waiting for.

She was moved back into her original position, she could feel his monster of a cock nudging at her lips, her face and dress dripping cum on to the green table. He slammed in to her with tremendous force, she felt a mighty surge from her insides as her own orgasm ripped through her and again as withdrew and slammed her again. For the next three or four thrusts she came as his cocked smashed into her cervix

He was pounding her pussy with immeasurable ferocity until it was his turn to blow his load tight against her aching insides, the cum overflowing from around his cock, down her thighs to the floor.

He withdrew and the two men released their grip, she was dazed, abused and deliriously in discomfort, her wrists sore from the restraint. She stood straight and looked at the men. She was dripping cum, her hair, face, pussy and ass trailed cum down to her feet, her black satin dress marked in white streaks.

The bar man offered her a long full length coat which he helped her in to.

“There’s a cab outside for you Miss, its on us, tell the driver where you want to go”

She looked at them all, hardly able to fathom what had just gone on and turned to walk to the door.

“Next time your boyfriend comes back with lipstick on him, remind him this is what you will come home looking like”

She pondered the words of the man, the man who had befriended her, orchestrated the whole pool table event and made her cum with every stroke of his glorious cock.

“You know, i think thats exactly what i will tell him”

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