For Taryn…Part 2

She lowered her sopping pussy on to his dripping cock, she slid effortlessly on to him, impaling herself, grinding on him. He had already adhered to her forceful demands and made her cum several times before his cock had seen any action. His mind whirred at the throb his cock gave as her velvet tunnel... Continue Reading →

The Writers Toy…Part 7.

He blushed as the crowd applauded his arrival, as he looked around to acknowledge the small crowd his eyes caught the stare of his publisher; boring her eyes directly in to his. "Come on, you're on in a few minutes, I've been waiting over an hour, where have you been?" At that moment Heather and... Continue Reading →

For Taryn…Part 1

They had been undressing each other all night with their eyes; now, alone they tore at each others clothes. Her fingers shredded through is shirt buttons, she yanked at the sleeves and threw it across the room. He was more delicate, he unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it slowly from her shoulders revealing her lace... Continue Reading →

The Writers Toy…Part 6

The week felt like months since they last met. As his chauffeur pulled up to his house in the overly extravagant limousine, his heart pounded. He hated public speaking and being the centre of attention; he loathed the sycophants who molested him at these events but at the same time he welcomed their custom and... Continue Reading →

Look at me…

Look at me when you drop slowly to your knees, face resting inches from my swollen crotch, do not lower your gaze. Look at me when I slowly unzip and release my blood filled cock in front of your face, don't break your stare. Look at me when your tongue pierces your soft lips and... Continue Reading →

Lie back…

For Maki Take your time, read it slow... Lie back in your t-shirt and black panties, listen to your breathing, listen to your body, what does it want? How does it feel? Allow your hands to travel over your skin, your stomach, your soft thighs, run their feather light touch along the hem of your... Continue Reading →

Anal Lock-down…part 1

"Four fucking days, stuck in here with you lot." Her voice was firm and directed at the three men she had endured the last 96 hours with. A solitary guard stood watch at the facility gates, housed in a small booth with no contact with anyone within that time. "You could at least clean up... Continue Reading →

Illicit Rendezvous…(part 3)

She didn't even pay attention to who was coming in the door, she just kept riding his delicious rock hard cock. He became both worried and curious as to who she had called on her phone and who was now entering their room. He couldn't see behind her, as her ample body was blocking the... Continue Reading →

Illicit Rendezvous Part 2

Thank you to Lucky Close , for submitting the second part of this story. I can only apologise for the lack of stories recently, new job and not feeling my usual self. Please enjoy part 2. She looked him in the eyes whilst she ran one of her fingers across her cum covered breasts. She... Continue Reading →

Illicit Rendezvous; Part One

For Sarah “But I’m married” “Yeah you’ve told me often enough.” He replied. “I want to, like really, really want to, but, I’d feel bad if we did.” “Well, listen its fine, we can just have a drink, I’ll sleep on the floor or whatever and then we can just go home in the morning.... Continue Reading →

For Beth, Part 2.

He sat in front of her, his cock proudly protruding through his shirt tails as if it were a periscope on a submarine, she could see the eye of it looking back her. He pushed the base with his thumb and pointed his cock directly at her. She loved his cock, long and thick; and... Continue Reading →

For Beth. Part 1

“Ok see you at seven on the dot, don’t be late, you know what will happen if you are late” “Yes, yes, I’ll be on time” She ended the call with a sense of foreboding knowing full well that he would have some form of punishment lined up for her if she was not on... Continue Reading →

The Writers Toy. Part 5

He showered and changed into another pair of shorts and t shirt, Heather sat in the lounge legs curled under her bottom leaning on the arm of the sofa reading one of his books. She looked a complete picture of serenity wearing his shirt, her fine smooth legs peering out from beneath it, her cleavage... Continue Reading →

The Writers Toy. Part 4

“What do you mean boyfriends only in there?” he asked with a quizzical look on his face. “Just one of my little rules, you’ll see, race ya” And with that she set off with a jog. “Come on slow coach” She teased him as he followed behind her. He had no intention of being first... Continue Reading →

Room 2 Thirty 7 – Part 3.

She rose to her feet avoiding the puddle of her own juices that covered the floor tiles, stepping over them she grabbed a towel and quickly dried herself off. She really needed another bath or quick shower but really needed to go and hide under her bed clothes and wait to wake up from this... Continue Reading →

Room 2 Thirty 7, part 2.

Water sloshed from the tub as she sat up in shock, where had the second face come from? She lifted herself to her feet, water and soapy suds slithered from her body to the tub and floor as she stepped out to inspect the mirror. She looked closely but could only see her own face... Continue Reading →

Date Night; Part 2

After several minutes the door opened with a click. She could feel his presence in the room and waited anxiously with bated breath for his next move. WHACK! The cane struck her already sore buttocks with more ferocity than he had done previously; her legs almost giving out leaving her partially suspended by her arms.... Continue Reading →

Room 2 Thirty 7

That’s from the gentleman at the end of the bar madam” “What gentleman? There’s no one there” She replied. “At the end of the bar madam, look into the mirror you may see him better.” She looked in the mirrored wall behind the optics of the bar and saw a tall figure, light coloured hair,... Continue Reading →

Date Night; Part 1

Date Night The heat hit her as she walked out from the cool interior of her office block in to the street; she shielded her eyes from its bright intensity as she searched in her purse for her sunglasses. She was totally preoccupied by the events of her work day and thoughts of her evening... Continue Reading →

The Writers Toy; Part 3

He slept restlessly for a short while, the ringtone from his phone and thoughts of Heather resonating through his mind not allowing him to sleep as soundly as he would like. He rolled from the bed and grabbed his dressing gown and went to check his phone which was now dead due to the incessant... Continue Reading →

For Libby

For Libby As promised x They returned to their hotel room late and giddy from the evenings event, his bow tie unfastened and hanging either side of his neck, her high heeled shoes in her hand as the door closed with a click behind them. He tugged at her hand pulling her close, her shoes... Continue Reading →

The Writers Toy; Part 2.

They sat on the swing chair as it rocked gently on the front porch, her complexion beaming in her post orgasmic glow, his head spun with a thousand thoughts; many of them impure after witnessing her masturbating at his side. “What was that?” He asked. “I really don’t know, it just came over me, I... Continue Reading →

Gym Buddies…Part 3

Her gaze lifted from his cock and travelled up his lithe body slowly to his head still held backwards to rinse the soap from his hair. As she stood motionless his head moved forward and he caught her eyes staring directly in to his. His mouth opening to start to speak in complete surprise at... Continue Reading →

Writers Toy, part 1 – Narrated

Thought i would give my own stories a voice, not sure if my tone works, but this is first attempt recorded in one take. Its not perfect by any means as i was a little self conscious reading to myself, but it was fun to read. Hope you all like it Hartford9

The Reward

Thank you for being my muse recently and inspiring me to write and publish. I hope you have enjoyed the rewards I have laid on for you tonight, the tape, the video, the writing on your body, the messages throughout the day. I look forward to writing more and especially the Writers Toy and who... Continue Reading →

For Heather; Epilogue. The Agreement.

Several weeks later her phone sounded, it was Luke. You’ve got a fucking nerve texting me” She replied, however she did agree to meet with him several nights later. Luke apologised again for the night in the Lodge, Ryan had totally disappeared and no-one had heard from him, no-one really cared either. She sat in... Continue Reading →

For Heather, part 4.

The room went dark as Ryan switched the lights off as he left the room, negating one of her senses, the tape between her legs pulled at her labia every time she moved her knees that were sore from kneeling on the floor, her forehead level with the front of the toilet bowl, spider gag... Continue Reading →

For Heather, part 3

“What do you mean you have something you need to tell me?...Wake up you dickhead…WAKE UP!” Ryan didn’t stir, the only audible sound from his lips were the beginnings of his drunken snoring. “Twat!” she huffed, rolling on to her side moving to find a dry spot on the bedding, not long soaked with her... Continue Reading →

For Heather, part 2

“Oh fuck it that one will do” She said dragging another bottle of wine from the fridge. The four boys were busy regaling business stories and conquests in the main room whilst nailing a huge quantity of Jack Daniels She was bored and restless; they had hardly paid her any attention since the hug and... Continue Reading →

The Writers Toy, part 1

They had met by accident, a chance meeting and they connected from the first moment that they had spoken in the Bar and Grill just outside of town. He was on his first trip to the country, his writing had taken off and he had just completed a deal that made him more than financially... Continue Reading →

For Heather, part 1

Friday… The two hour drive seemed to last an eternity, the air conditioning in the car was intermittent and ranged from ice cold to humidly sticky and clammy which made her skin perspire and loosen her foundation cream and other makeup. In her hastiness to get ready to leave for the lodge, she was still... Continue Reading →

For Heather…

Intro “Please, please can I come with you to the Lodge, you know I love it up there, please?” “But, babes, it’s a boys weekend you know we do it every couple of months” “Please, I’ll do anything, anything” “Ok, I’ll double check with the guys, but you owe me big time” It’s true she... Continue Reading →

Gym Buddies Part 2

She sat on the hard pinewood benches that surrounded the most part of the perimeter of the ladies changing room. Water dripped from her hair down her goose pimpled skin to the floor, her body ripping orgasm still reverberating through her body. Grabbing for a towel from her locker she could hear the muffled conversation... Continue Reading →

First Attempt…

He kisses her tenderly, very softly slowly moving from her soft lips to her neck, his hands grabbing at her waist pulling her tight against him, his cock starting to stiffen against her abdomen as she starts to moan lightly. His neck nibbles turn into sharp nips with his teeth and she yelps with both... Continue Reading →

Gym Buddies

Gym Buddies…Part 1 It had been an awful day at work, meeting after meeting and nothing she felt had been achieved. The last thing she felt like doing was a workout at the gym but her desire to stay in shape persuaded her to go. She stripped of her pinstriped skirt and jacket in the... Continue Reading →

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